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Autopano Video - Rendering ProRes with the Alpha channel

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel000.png


With the addition of ProRes support in AVP 2.5, you now have the ability to render the Alpha channel if you want to do some roto to fine tune the stitching in your 360 videos. However, remember that the only correction we can apply for now if you choose to use this method is the color harmonization between your 6 input videos.


Follow these steps to export your footage:

Step 1 -Stitch then select one video in Autopano

  1. Go through the usual import and stitching process in AVP and APG.
  2. One you are satisfied with the result, click on edit and go into APG.
  3. In the “Layers” section of the interface, click on the arrow to unfold the layers.
  4. Uncheck all the layers except for the one you want to keep into the ProRes file.
  5. Save.

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel001.png

Step 2 -Save as a new project in Autopano Video

  1. Go back into AVP. You should now see only the layer that you want to keep in the preview window. In our case, it is the one from our 4th camera.
  2. Use “save as” and create a .kava file (in our case “POV-cam4.kava”).

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel002.png

Step 3 -Set up your multiple files

  1. Click on “Render” and choose ProRes MOV with the Appple ProRes 4444 or 4444 XQ Profile.
  2. Choose whether or not you want an audio source, choose a unique name for the file (again, in our case : “POV-cam4.mov”) and click on Apply.
  3. Save.

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel003.png

You should now repeat steps 1 to 3 as many times as you have different cameras, choosing a unique name for the Kava and .mov files each times.

Step 4 -Render the batch

  • Now click on “Batch render”, drag and drop the kava files in the queue and launch the render.

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel004.png

Step 5 -Check your files

  • You should end up with a file structure that looks like this:

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel004.png

Step 6 -Start your post-prod

  • You can now import the files in Adobe Premiere, After Effects or any other post production and compositing tool you want to use.

AVP 250 ProRes with the Alpha channel005.png

Autopano Video 2.5 Alpha Testing note -This is a new feature, so as usual, let us know in the forum if you encounter any problems with this workflow, and share your tips and project with the community.
We hope you will enjoy this new feature.

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