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Autopano Video - Preferences - General

General Tab

Temporary Folders
Determines the folder in which Autopano records temporary files.
It is possible to designate as many temporary folders and you wish.

Applies a language to the software different from the system language.

Number of CPU
Defined by the computer used (by default). These settings can be changed.

GPU processing
Lets you work in the panorama editor in real-time.
If you own an integrated Intel GPU and a NVidia card, you can select which GPU to use with Autopano (or any other application): on Windows, do a right click on the desktop, select NVidia control panel, then select Autopano to be used with the NVidia GPU.


  • List: modifies the Autopano interface appearance.
  • Use system file browser: (by default) uses the standard file explorer. Uncheck this option to use a specific explorer with Autopano, but subject to certain limitations (impossible to see network drives, for example) or if the application crashes when saving a project for instance

Online features

  • Always check for a beta version: Check this option to be informed when a new beta version is available (web connection is required)
  • Share anonymous: Check this option if you want to share anonymous statistics

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