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Autopano Video - Preferences - General

General Tab

Temporary Folders
Determines the folder in which Autopano records temporary files.
It is possible to designate as many temporary folders and you wish.

Applies a language to the software different from the system language.

Number of CPU
Defined by the computer used (by default). These settings can be changed.

Rendering engine
CUDA acceleration is compatible with Windows only.

  • CPU engine: Only the CPU is used
  • GLSL engine: OpenGL is selected
  • GPGPU engine: GPU is used for computation (NVidia CUDA-GTX 760 min.)


  • List: modifies the Autopano interface appearance.
  • Use system file browser: (by default) uses the standard file explorer. Uncheck this option to use a specific explorer with Autopano, but subject to certain limitations (impossible to see network drives, for example) or if the application crashes when saving a project for instance

Online features

  • Always check for a beta version: Check this option to be informed when a new beta version is available (web connection is required)
  • Share anonymous: Check this option if you want to share anonymous statistics

CUDA is the parallel computing platform developed by NVidia we are now using into Autopano Video to dramatically increase performances. If you are running under Windows with a recent NVidia GPU (at least a GTX 760) and up-to-date drivers you can enjoy a 3x gain in terms of performances for the previewing and the rendering.

Current limitations:

  • 4K UHD inputs are not supported yet.
  • CUDA is not compatible with every AV feature: stereo, masking markers, timecode burn-in, watermarks, patches, etc. When you are doing something unsupported by CUDA the software will automatically fall back to the old mode: OpenGL. You can always see which mode is currently used by look a the top of the preview: Realtime preview - OpenGL or Cuda.
  • CUDA accelerations have only been enabled for 2 or 6 cameras, we will be testing other set-ups and add the support as soon as possible.
  • The audio output is not implemented in the CUDA mode, we will work on that as soon as possible, by this time you can always add it in post production. Make sure to take a look at the known issues section at the end of the change log

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