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Autopano Video - How to render my video

This tutorial will show you how to render your 360 video with Autopano Video. All the needed information concerning the render window are listed here : Autopano Video - Render window. You can custom you MP4 presets in the preferences, see Autopano Video - Customize MP4 presets.

Video illustration

This following video segment illustrates how to render a video in Autopano Video:

Recommended settings for the output

The output video file is always encoded in H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC).

Device / Destination Resolution Bitrate Framerate
iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s

iPad retina (3rd gen) / iPad 4

1920x1080 8 Mbit/s 25 fps
iPhone 4

iPad 2 / iPad Mini

1920x1080 3 Mbit/s 15 fps
Streaming (Kolor Eyes / Youtube / Vimeo / ...) 1920x1080 2 Mbit/s (low quality, for slow internet connection)

4 Mbit/s (medium quality, for classic internet connection) 8 Mbits/s (high quality, for very high speed internet connection)

25 fps
Computer 2K : 1920x1080 10 Mbit/s 25 fps
Recent computer iPad Air / iPad Mini Retina / local playback only

TO BE TESTED (Try a 4K sample of our video gallery : 360 video gallery)

UHD : 3840x2160 24 Mbit/s 25/30 fps

For your information : 1 Mbit/s ~ 1000 Kbit/s.

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