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Autopano Video - How to publish and share my 360 videos

Why not on a classic video player?

A 360 video is born to be played in an appropriate video player: a 360 video player. You need to be able to choose your point of view, to change the projection, to zoom in or out... GoPro is providing a full range of solutions for the publication of your best 360 videos. Our solution is called GoPro VR Player.
This page is an overview of our solutions, for more information visit our website page dedicated to the 360 video or the GoPro VR Player Documentation.

Youtube, Vimeo, Littlstar and Facebook are able to handle highres 360 videos

Software Development Kit

You have to create your own app, or integrate a 360 video player into an existing application ? The Kolor Eyes SDK for iOS is here for you! Visit this page Kolor Eyes SDK for iOS and do not hesitate to contact us for more information or get details about the SDK for Android.

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