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Autopano Video - How to fix the foreground

This tutorial explains how to improve an automatic stitching created with Autopano Video or Autopano Video Pro.
Thanks to Mr. Makoto Hirose for sharing his videos.
The solutions used to create this tutorial are:

  • Autopano Video Pro 1.1.0
  • Autopano Giga 3.0.8

Why there are stitching errors

The stitching errors come from parallax, due to the hardware used. Indeed, RIGs can't shoot with a good nodal point because of their construction.
That means this is not possible to stitch well both foreground and background at the same time.
It is necessary to choose which priority is needed, ie foreground or background.
In that case we chose to set up control points on the foreground.

How to improve the stitching

This is pretty simple and fast. Nevertheless you need to be familiar with the Control Points Editor of Autopano (Video tutorial).
The idea is to check each link in the Control Point Editor to remove the control points placed on the background then create new points on the foreground.

Step 1 - Control Points Edition

  • Open the Panorama Editor
  • Activate the Control Points tool:

Simple blending

As you can see the stitching is not good. So let's check the links.

The link 1-6 contains points on both background (sea) and foreground (boat). Delete the control points in the sea and create/add new points on the boat:

Simple blending
Simple blending

On link 2-3, delete the control points in the sky and create/add new points on the boat:

Simple blending
Simple blending

On link 4-6, delete the control points in the sea and create/add new points on the boat:

Simple blending
Simple blending

Step 2 - Optimization

Click on the Optimize button when the clean up of the control points has been done.
The stitching is better but in that case not perfect. Anyway most of the time the optimization works great.

Simple blending

Step 3 - Finalize the stitching

There is one more thing that can be done to improve the stitching, ie to modify the Lens distortion correction settings.
Indeed, the cameras look "identical" but optically "different". Actually the sensor of the cameras is not perfectly aligned/centered with the lens and because of that each camera has its own lens distortion model.
That's why we need to change the Lens distortion correction settings in Autopano.

  • Open the Control Points Editor settings (next to the Optimization buttons), in the Control Point panel check the advanced mode box and:
  • Set Focal to pano (all focal length are identical), Distortion to Optimize 3rd order and his scope to image then Offset to optimize and his scope to image (Sensors are not aligned with the lenses)

AVP tuto optimization settings.jpg

Note: don't forget to click on the Optimize button when the lens distortion settings has been modified.

Now, the stitching is much better:

Simple blending

Finally it's time for saving your project and rendering your 360 video project!

Simple blending

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