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Autopano Video - D.WARP

New in AV 3.0, D.WARP is Kolor's answer to stitching issues. It is a parallax compensation algorithm. This means that computer vision automatically fixes the viewpoint differences between two videos. It goes beyond just fixing parallax, it also helps with synchronization issues and rolling shutter glitches. We believe D.WARP will also allow to fix most of the stitching issues coming from your shots and this will dramatically reduce the time needed to fix stitching issues during post-production.

See our FAQ for more details.

D.WARP Parallax compensation

D.WARP menu

Compute D.WARP

It will correct your static or moving footages made with Omni to fix parallax issues even on closest object (60cm away).
Note that parallax compensation is only compatible with ISO Cutting blending mode.

D.WARP is now also compatible with 6 and 7 camera RIGs (see AV 3.0 new features for more details

D.WARP presets:

  • Prioritize space: the default preset (used in Alpha 1). Try to correct as much parallax artifact as possible: correction can be very different from one frame to another. You should use it when everything is moving in your scene, and when you have fast space or subject changes.
  • Prioritize time (slower): Try to correct parallax artifact with greater respect to temporal coherency: moving objects can be less corrected but your background won't be moving. You should use it for a static camera scene.
  • Still: this new preset is a static D.WARP who uses different positions in your selected range to compute a medium D.WARPing of the scene.

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