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Autopano Video - Color correction

This part will show you how to deal with the exposure / color differences of your source videos. You will also see how to correct the vignetting.

There are two different steps in this part:

  • the blending presets and the cutting mode
  • the color correction

Settings color@2x.png Autopano Video integrates its own color correction editor:

Color correction menu

Correction types

  • Anchor Anchor: This is the reference for the correction of other images. The anchors of the other images will therefore be influenced by the contrast, exposure and tone of this anchor
  • Adjust exposure Exposure: Corrects the exposure
  • Adjust color Color: Corrects color tone
  • Vignetting correction Vignetting: Corrects vignetting
  • Gradient correction Gradient: Corrects gradient (color scale)

Auto transition

You are now able to compute an automatic color correction on a selection

Exposure compensation

This menu will let you display overexposure (in red) & underexposure areas (in blue) and choose the global exposure tone by using the slider.

As a reminder, you still have the possibility to edit your reference panorama using Autopano Pro or Giga to do the corrections. In this case, make sure you selected the stitching mode and not the Authoring mode (Timeline window) or the changes will not take effect in AV. Also, make sure you have at least one timeline that is in a blue state which allows you to apply changes from Autopano Pro or Giga.

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