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APT v1.0 Autopano Tour FAQ

How can I preview my virtual tour on my local computer?

To view the tour locally, meaning from your computer’s hard drive, you must have the Adobe® Flash® player installed and properly configured on your computer to be able to “read” the virtual tour generated by Autopano Tour: Flash® Configuration

How can I get rid of the black marquee appearing on my tour?

It a know bug in version 1.00, please download the latest version from the following web page: http://www.autopano.net/buy-autopano/download.html

The full screen mode feature doesn't work for me! Why?

In order to allow full screen display Flash does need to be properly configured using some special parameters. As an example, to let you understand how the parameters work, you can use the HTML template named "simpleWithFullScreen.html" to activate the full screen mode (Project Properties).

How do I register my KrPano license within Autopano Tour?

If you purchased a KrPano viewer license, you can link that license to Autopano Tour:

  • Go to the "Register" menu
  • Browse your hard drive to choose the "license" file that was sent to you via email
  • Validate.

Warning: you shouldn’t move the KrPano license file around your hard drive after registering, otherwise you will have to point the software to it again next time you open Autopano Tour.