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Autopano Pro&Giga - 4.4 - new features

Main changes

This is the first beta release of the new Autopano Pro / Giga 4.4. It is now compatible with the latest version of macOS Sierra 10.12.3, comes with an updated camera/lens database, bug correction and various other improvements.

Autopano Pro/Giga new features

  • Control points editor:
    • You have now the possibility to rotate your images clockwise or counter-clockwise directly in the CP editor window. See documentation

  • Browse folder:
    • In case Autopano cannot detect the right amount of panoramas after you dropped all the images from multiple panoramas to Autopano (composed with the same number of pictures), you have now the possibility to set the number of pictures per panorama in order to facilitate the detection. See documentation

  • Misc:
    • To facilitate product support, product development and improvement we may collect certain information in an anonymous way about your use of the software. You can disable it if you don't want to share anonymous usage statitics - See documentation

Regarding changelog and bug fixes since the previous version, see our Post blog

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