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Autopano Giga Documentation

Access to the textual documentation Access to the video tutorials

  1. Installation and registration
  2. Supported file format in input
  3. External plugins
  4. Main Window
  5. Preferences...
  6. Import...
  7. Panorama Editor
  8. Batch Rendering
  9. Glossary

Autopano Documentation Archives

My first panorama
Create your first panorama in a few clicks
Autopano UI presentation
Discover the Autopano UI
Control points editor presentation
Discover the control points editor UI and tools
Using the control points
Add or remove control points
Lens distorsion correction
Learn how to improve your stitching with the Lens correction options
Advanced use of control points
Learn how to use the control points editor to stitch difficult cases
Projection modes
Understanding Projection modes
Vertical lines tool
Use the Vertical lines tool
Rotation tools
Learn how to use rotation tools
Automatic Horizon tool
Using the Automatic Horizon tool
Vanishing point tool
Using the Vanishing point tool
Cropping tool
Using the Cropping tool

Technical Support