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Autopano Giga - Supported file format in input


Autopano supports most image file formats:

Icon attention.png The Grayscale color mode is not supported.

  • JPEG : No particular comment on this file format.
  • TIFF : 8 or 16bits.
  • PNG : 8 or 16bits.

  • RAW : The generic term RAW refers to "raw sensor" image formats of each brand of camera devices (or models of a brand) eg NEF for Nikon, CRW or CR2 for Canon... etc.
Icon attention.png Note :
Autopano is capable decoding the RAW format. However, the different RAW formats evolve over time, depending on brands and camera models.
It is therefore possible that Autopano can't decode some RAW files, simply because the database is not updated.
This usually happens when a new camera model is released, containing a new coding of its RAW format and which is not included in Autopano.
The temporary solution here is to decode this new RAW format in .tiff 16 bits format, which is the equivalent of what Autopano does during the decoding.
We update our decoding database following this evolution, but it takes some time, so there is a lag between the release of a camera and the update of a new version of Autopano that support this new encoding format.

  • DNG : The Digital Negative format from Adobe allowing to store any raw file in a unified RAW format.
  • HDR : The Radiance format is supported and allows you to stitch HDR panoramas from HDR source images.


The "EXIF data" correspond to the shooting settings. Autopano uses these data to find several information:

  • The lens focal length used

This important setting allows to speed up the stitching process. If the images don't contain the EXIF data, Autopano uses default values ​​corresponding to a "standard" lens (50mm in 24x36 format).
Autopano bases all his calculations a 35mm equivalent. To calculate the 35mm equivalent (focal length stored in the EXIF data), it is necessary to know the ratio between the sensor's size used and the 35mm sized sensor.
Autopano therefore contains a database (cameras.txt file) including the ratios of each camera model to obtain the Camera sensor scalling to calculate the 35mm equivalent.

  • Shutter speed and aperture used

These two bits of information are mandatory to create HDR panoramas. If the images don't contain these data, the HDR color correction can't be enabled in the panorama editor.

Further information are used as the shooting date and time to sort the source images in groups, or as the ISO value (even if it is not used yet, it is an interesting information).
All this information are visible in the Shooting information of each image group created in Autopano.

Icon attention.png If Autopano doesn't find the EXIF data while these information exist in the image file; that means that the camera model is not yet included in the cameras.txt database.
In this case, keep us informed of this lack to update the database and allow the support of your camera in the software.

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