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Autopano Giga - Batch Rendering


The batch rendering lets you automatically concatenate the rendering. To do this, a list of projects (.pano) needs to be defined. Each project will be rendered one after another.

Without talking about batch rendering, by clicking on the "Render" button from the Render settings will automatically open this window.
This allows you to view the progress of the calculations and to obtain certain information (computing time, etc.).

Autopano can render while you continue to work (detection/editing). However, it is sometimes more convenient to postpone the final rendering step at a time when your computer is not in use (at night for example) especially if you are rendering large panoramas.


Batch rendering window



Open rendering queue icon Open rendering queue

Open a file (.apb) containing the list of projects to render.

Save rendering queue icon Save rendering queue

Save a file (.apb) containing a list of your projects.

Add project icon Add project

Lets you open a project (.pano) directly in the batch-rendering window.

Remove project icon Remove project

Closes a project (.pano) directly in the batch rendering window.

Start batch icon Start batch

Launch or stop the rendering of batches. Only projects on hold will be rendered one after the other. This means that a rendered, annulled or failed project will no longer be rendered. To stop batch rendering without canceling the current rendering just click on the launch button again.

Pause batch icon Pause batch

Lets you pause the current rendering.

Abort rendering icon Abort rendering

Stops the current rendering and renders the next project. The rendering of batches is not stopped. The small arrow besides the icon lets you cancel the current rendering and to stop the rendering of batches..

Open rendering directory icon Open rendering directory

Facilitates access to the folder containing the rendering of selected projects.

Help icon Contextual help

Click on this icon to activate this tool. Then click on the desired icon to see information on how it works.

Progress bar

Displays the progress of computing during the export of the panorama.

Rendering queue

This frame shows the list of projects that you want to render. An icon found in front of each project name shows the rendering state:

Render in progress icon The project is being rendered.

Render done icon The project has been rendered.

Render wait icon The project is waiting to be rendered.

Error icon An error has occurred during the rendering.

Render cancel icon The rendering has been cancelled.

Render pause icon The rendering has been paused.


The selection of a project in the list lets you display the following properties:


Path and name of the project

Stitching information

  • Number of images
  • Size in pixels
  • FOV
  • Stitching quality
  • Type of lens used
  • Type of projection used
  • Color correction mode used

This information informs you of the calculation time for each rendering step and the amount of memory used.

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