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Autopano Documentation - Stitching a Livepano - 370


  • Photos composing your 360°x180° panorama
  • Video file
  • A frame from the video file

Extraction of a video frame

The easiest way for extracting a frame from your video is to use VLC Media Player.
Open your video, go to «Video > Take Snapshot» and a snapshot of that frame will be created, usually placed on your Desktop or your Documents.

Creating the panorama

As the video frame does not contain Exif information, specify manually it's lens type in the "Image properties" window Image properties icon.

Livepano set lens type.png

Click on "Detect", and that's it.
In automatic mode, Autopano will likely create 2 optimization groups: one for the video frame and one for the pictures.
Each group is calibrated separately by the optimizer as the video will very often have different properties than the pictures (e.g. a smaller FOV).

Livepano editor.png

Save the .pano file, then in the layer editor un-tick the frame so that you can render the equirectangular panorama (360°x180°) without the frame showing.

Once this is done, refer to the Importing a Livepano documentation to import your Livepano in Panotour.