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Autopano - Preferences...

Warning Changes to the general settings are applied by default to all newly created image groups.

The general settings window is located in Edition/Settings/... menu in Windows and Linux systems. For Mac users, go to the Autopano/Preferences/… menu.

This window is divided into 6 tabs:

  • The General tab contains the settings related to the use of the system resources by Autopano.

  • The Images tab contains options that affect the properties of the imported images.

The 4 following tabs, detection, optimization, panorama and rendering launcher are equally accessible in the Group Settings menu of the group window.
The changes to the group parameters are only applied to the current group.

  • The Detection tab groups the settings relative to the detection of the panoramas. During this step, Autopano calculates the links between the images and places the control points.

  • The Optimization tab contains the parameters connected to the optimization step. This step corresponds to the arrangement of images relative to each other based on control points found during the detection.

  • The Panorama tab lets you chose the type of projection and the colorimetry.

  • The Render tab lets you change the default rendering parameters.

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