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Autopano - Panorama Editor - Images mode


You will find the tool here:

Masking Tool


This tool lets see how the source images are located in the panorama. It allow to check positions, overlap, parallax then also to remove images if necessary.

It is also interesting to note the images display is not similar to a standard viewer like the preview on Windows or Mac.
Indeed, images are displayed and projected on the inner walls of the reference sphere, images are distorded consequently to stitch correctly, depending on the whole panorama and projection field of view.


  • Activate this tool Icône Vue par image allows to display the relevant index to the source images in the editing zone, the first image is indexed with the number 1, the second image with the number 2... etc...

  • Overfly an image with the mouse cursor lets highlight the image.
    • If the cursor is located on an overlaping zone, use the mouse wheel to scroll images located there one by one.
    • If the cursor is over image zone or overlaping zone, the whole panorama is displayed.

  • Select an image by clicking on the index lets highlight it.
    • The index displays with a red border.
    • Multiple selection is possible (hold Ctrl / Cmd key + left click).
    • A right click allows to remove the image(s) selected. You can also use rubber band selector to select multiple images. Click on the panorama then select images by moving the cursor over the images.
    • After having select an image (an index), it is possible to use the arrow keys to scroll images one by one.

Note : Select an image combine its selection in the Layers editor, very useful to check where this image is located into the layers and to apply local modifications, mostly if the panorama contains a lot of images.

Click again on the tool to leave that mode.

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