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Autopano - Main Window - Image Properties - 370

     This documentation is for version 3.7.     

This window verifies all image parameters. This information comes from the EXIF data recorded by your digital camera in each image.

Image tab

Image Properties

Focal length
Defines the focal length used during the shooting

Camera sensor scale
Defined by your camera brand and model by a database in the software.
Lets you verify that the software has recognized the camera and to correct this parameter if it is wrong.

Conversion factor
If you use an optical accessory, its value must be defined in the related field. Generally, the digital camera does not recognize the information coming from the optical accessory and does not add it to the EXIF information incorporated in the images.

Focal (35mm eq.)
Indicates the focal length equivalent to a 35 mm lens.

Lens type
Lets you verify what type of lens was used: Standard or Fisheye. You can change this parameter if the software has not correctly recognized the type of lens.

Circular crop tab

Since the group of images contains one or more fisheye type pictures, a second “circular crop” tab appears. This tab lets you adjust the Fisheye parameters and delineate the visual area to be kept.

Images tab Circular crop tab

Circular crop

  • This space lets you delimit the fisheye area to keep. Use the selection circle (drag, enlarge, reduce).
  • To expand or reduce from the centre, hold the Ctrl key while dragging the mouse (left click).
  • Set full frame: Automatically defines the area of the circle in full frame.

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