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Autopano - Installation and registration


1. If you have already downloaded the software corresponding to your operating system, go directly to step 3.

2. Go to the link below to download the version corresponding to your operating system: Download Autopano

3. Installation:

  • Installation on Windows
    • Open the downloaded file (file .exe) and launch the installation.

  • Installation on Mac
    • Open the downloaded file (.dmg file), a virtual disk is displayed and shows a .mpkg format file.
    • Double click this file and follow the steps through the installation wizard.

  • Installation on Linux
    • Open the downloaded file (file .deb or .tar.gz) and launch the installation.

4. External plugins :

During installation, the Setup Type step defines the items to be installed. By default the Autopano Pro application is defined as a component to install.
The items list also proposes to install external plugins. Their installation is enabled by default, after the automatic detection of corresponding software on your computer:

  • Picasa plugin : Google Picasa 3, Windows/Mac
  • Icon attention.png Bridge plugin (Autopano Giga Autopano Giga only)
  • Icon attention.png Lightroom plugin (Autopano Giga Autopano Giga only)
  • Icon attention.png Aperture plugin (Autopano Giga Autopano Giga only)

Icon attention.png At this point, the installed version is the trial version of the software. Its use is not limited in time but the following features are limited:

  • Saving a project is not possible.
  • Neutralhazer, Lens correction and External stack processing plugins are limited to process the 3 first images only.
  • Panoramas created will be watermarked "Autopano".

Before installing a stable (final) version, please remove any other alpha, beta or RC versions to avoid conflicts.
Unstable versions will not overwrite previous installation.


You can only register your license if you have already purchased the software. If you want to buy a Kolor software go to our online store.

After the purchase of a Kolor software, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your invoice in PDF format.
This invoice contains your license (username and registration key). These 2 elements are needed to register your software and to unlock the complete version:

1. Launch your software.

2. A welcome window containing information relating to the trial version appears.

3. Click on Register and a new window opens.

4. Enter your username and registration key in the required fields. You will find this information on your invoice or client account.

5. Click on OK, a message will warn you that your registration was successful.

6. Once you have registered your license, if you want to remove watermarks of a project you made with the trial version, you will have to open the project then render it once again.

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