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Autopano - Import... - iSTAR

Autopano Giga Autopano Giga only!    This feature is only available in Autopano Giga.


The iSTAR import module allows you to import photos shot with the iSTAR to be stitched in Autopano Giga, in the most automated way possible.
Before importing your images, make sure that you have decoded your RAW images in NCTech's dedicated software, as the import module can not decode the iSTAR's RAW files.


Autopano giga 350 - import istar.png
  • Folders
- Input folder: Lets you specify the input folder where your iStar photos are located.
- Output folder: Lets you select the folder you want the panoramas to be rendered in: the same one as the source files or specify a new one.
  • Information
- Informs you in real-time how many panoramas have been found in the input folder that you have selected.


Once you've imported and checked all your panoramas (if needed), you can then click the Render All Panoramas Rendering all panoramas icon button at the bottom of the Panoramas Window.
If you want to skip viewing through all the render windows for each panorama, you can press Ctrl + Render all button on Windows, or Cmd + Render all on Mac.

Main Window

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