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Autopano - Import... - Gigapan

The Gigapan import module lets you import a shot created with a Gigapan motorized panoramic head.
However, this module does not require the definition of an xml file (shooting settings). It can therefore be used with any type of shooting line and columns.

This module is divided into 5 tabs:


General tab
  • Images
Lets you to select the images to assemble.

  • Rows : Number of rows in the panorama.
  • Columns : Number of columns in the panorama.
These 2 fields are connected: If the number of rows is modified, the number of columns is adjusted and vice versa.
The preview is modified according to these fields, it can quickly see if the order of the images is good.

  • Ignore N files
Lets you skip the first N images selected. Avoids selecting images again to find the first image.

  • Nb images per location (bracketing)
Indicates the number of brackets per images. This function modifies the preview.

  • Preview and zoom
Lets you visualize the shooting.
The slider lets you change the image preview zoom.

Shoot layout

Shoot layout tab


Lets you choose the scheme corresponding to the shot taken:

  • Column (default)
  • Column (to left)
  • Rows (downward)
  • Rows (upward)

Shoot setup

Shoot setup tab

Force 360° Panorama
Check this box if your shot is 360 degrees.

Sets the percentage of overlap between the images.
This forces the overlaying of images to the desired value in order to avoid false links (due to the similarities of images for example).


Stack tab

This lets you set the import if the shooting is bracketed.

Detect links in

  • The reference level: (default) Looks for all the possibility of links between images with the same bracket level.
  • All stack levels: Looks for all possibile links between the images.

For a stack

  • Use hard links: Superimposes the different images of the same stack without assigning control points.
  • Detect control points: Uses the control points as reference for superimposing different images of the same stack.

Detection options

Detection options tab

Auto detection
Checked by default, this option lets you automatically launch the detection after having confirmed the module’s settings.
Uncheck this box if you want to change the groups (or other) settings before launching the detection.

Clean wrong link
Lets you erase the bad links caused by similarities in the images.

Skip optimization
Does not take into account the calculation of the control points. Optimization will be required in the control point editor.

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