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Autopano - Import... - Clauss

Autopano Giga Autopano Giga only!    This feature is only available in Autopano Giga.

General tab

Autopanogiga 250 clauss generaltab fr.png
  • Script file
- Lets you select the description file (.txt) generated during the shooting.
  • Images
- Lets you to select the images to assemble.
  • Y coordinates inversor
- Simulates a different mount of the camera on the Merlin head. In other words, it inverts the phi angle.
  • Preview
- Lets you visualize the shooting.
  • Zoom
- The slider lets you change the image preview zoom.

Options tab

Autopanogiga 250 clauss optionstab fr.png
  • Automatic detection
- Launches the automatic detection after having clicked on the End button.
  • Ignore optimization
- Uses the Papywizard coordinates to place the images.
- Very useful to detect and correct the bad links with the control point editor in order to re-optimize everything.
  • Delete bad links
- Useful if the images contain many similarities.

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