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APT v1.0 Prerequisites

Technical Prerequisites

  • Flash®: an Adobe® technology aimed at creating and displaying animated content such as, for instance, virtual tours.
  • .SWF: this is the Flash® file extension. Virtual tours generated using Autopano will be named as follow: my-virtual-tour.swf
  • Hotspot: this refers to an area inside the virtual tour allowing for user interactivity: moving to a different view included in the tour (moving from one room to another for example), opening a webpage, displaying a picture, etc. Hotspots are essential when creating virtual tours as they allow you to link together the various views included in the tour.
  • .XML: file extension for the configuration files holding the virtual tour settings.

Flash® Configuration

Autopano Tour can create Flash® virtual tours. In order to be able to view the generated virtual tours, the Adobe® Flash® viewer must be installed on your computer. It will, most likely, already be present on your machine. If not, or if you want to install the latest available version, you can download and install it freely using the following link: Download Flash® player.

In order to be able to visualize virtual tools, you will need to have at least Flash® 9.0 installed. This being said we recommend you install Flash® 10.0 or above. Handling of 3D objects has been greatly improved between version 9 and version 10. Note that distortion artifacts can also be experienced (straight lines becoming wavy) when using version 9.

Flash® objects (.SWF files) are mostly meant to be used on the Internet and your computer may refuse to play them locally (i.e. from your local hard drive) until you define some Trusted Folder from witch the Flash® files will be allowed to run. Configuring the trusted folders can be performed using this web interface.


Krpano is the flash technology used to create virtual tours. The use of this technology is subject to its own license. When purchasing an Autopano Giga license you are also purchasing a Krpano "light" license.

The Krpano license included with Autopano Tour is subject to the following limitations:

  • the maximum resolution for cubical panoramas (for full 360 degrees panoramas) is limited to 1200 pixel for each face of the cube.
  • the maximum resolution for spherical panoramas (for partial panoramas) is limited to 7,000,000 pixels.
  • Krpano pluggings cannot be used.

In case you purchased an "unlimited domain" Krpano license this limitations will be removed. You will then also be able to access all Krpano features by adding your custom XML code to the one generated by Autopano Tour. For more information on the full Krpano features please visit the Krpano official website at: http://krpano.com/