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APT resources progress gk 20100127 01

Template: progress bar & show wait

  • APT Vesion: 1.1.0 beta 6
  • History: Version 0.1 - 2010-01-27
  • submitted by: gkaefer
  • contact: via email (login to autopano forum required)
  • Forum
  • License: Usage is free for all Autopano Tour owners


In this xml file the syntax of krpano plugin progress with attributes showload and showwait is documented.


step 1.
copy this xml file to your autopano tour 1.1.0 beta 6 or newer directory to the Templates -> progress subfolder:
The default place in case C:\is your first harddisc is:

 C:\Program Files\Kolor\Autopano Tour\Templates\progress

Rename the file if you like. The name you rename it to will be show in autopano tour progress bar pull down menu.

step 2.
edit this xml file with your favorite text exitor (plain text file) and make changes to the single line...

How to use it

start autopano tour. (if autopano tour was open you've to restart it after you added an xml file to the template directory)
Go to the Tab "Project Properties" -> Tab "Interface" -> "Progress Bar".
You've a new entry you can choose...

Finally export the panorama...