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Hotspot for dark backgrounds

hotspot for dark backgrounds
  • APT Vesion: 1.1.0 beta 6
  • History: Version 0.1 - 2010-01-13
  • submitted by: gkaefer
  • contact: via email (login to autopano forum required)
  • Forum
  • License: Usage is free for all Autopano Tour owners


for my PS3-Home winterland panos the default hotspot point is too dark. I created one which can be seen better if the pano has dark colours.
in the zip file I attached an animated gif, the swf and the .web project file (MAGIX Extreme Webdesigner 5)
For using this hotspot with autopano tour only the swf is needed...)

PS: the speed of the animated gif & swf is 24 frames per second. in the tour its faster - 60fps
the white colour is in fla flash animation transparent...
(I didnt change the default values in xml files...)



How to use it

Just unpack the .zip file. The .swf or the .gif file can be included as Hostspot: Hotspot Properties -> Display -> Object

IMPORTANT: please use only the .swf file as hotspot. The animated .gif file will not work as hotspot. Currently I dont know if the animation is anomral and animated .gifs should work or only .swf files can be used as Hotspot Object... The gif file was onyl created as preview for the forum & wiki.