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APP/APG v2.0 Icons and Shortcuts

Sorting Source Images

Analyse folder.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+B 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+B 
Scan a folder containing source images from several panoramas shooting sessions
Analyse pictures.png Select the source images to be analyzed
Group addpicture.png Add source images to a group
Properties.png Open the Image Properties dialog
Group new.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+N 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+N 
Create an empty group

Lanuching Panorama Detection

Start all.png Stop all.png F2 
Launch the panorama detection process in all groups / Stop all detections in progress
Start.png Stop.png Start / Stop panorama detection for a group
Settings.png Set the group detection settings in order to tune the detection quality for that particular group

Project Files Management

Pano save.png Save the Autopano project file
Pano save all.png Icon-windows-16.png Alt+S 
Icon-apple-16.png Option+S 
Save all project files for all currently open panoramas
Pano open.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+O 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+O 
Open an Autopano Pro project file (.pano)
Pano export.png Export the project to PTgui, PTassembler or Hugin
Pano import.png Import a PTgui, PTassembler or Hugin project

Workspace Management Files (Only available in Autopano Giga)

Workspace-load.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+Maj+W 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+Maj+W 
Load a workspace file (.apw)
Workspace-save.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+O 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+O 
Save a workspace (.apw)

GUI Layout Management

Banner close all.png Icon-windows-16.png Alt+G 
Icon-apple-16.png Option+G 
Close all groups
Banner close all.png Close all currently opened panoramas. You will be prompted to save or discard any unsaved panorama.
Split middle.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+1 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+1 
Split the Main Window into two equal panels: the left panel displaying the groups, the right panel displaying the panorama previews.
Split left.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+2 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+2 
Display only the Groups View (hide the Panoramas View)
Split right.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+3 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+3 
Display only the Panoramas View (hide the Groups View)

Render Management

Render.png Launch the rendering task for a panorama
Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+  Render.png
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+ 
Launch the rendering task for a panorama bypassing the Render Settings dialog
Render all.png Icon-windows-16.png Alt+R 
Icon-apple-16.png Option+R 
Launch rendering tasks for all currently opened panoramas
Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+  Render all.png
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+ 
Launch the rendering task for all currently opened panoramas bypassing the Render Settings dialog
Batch render.png Icon-windows-16.png Ctrl+R 
Icon-apple-16.png Cmd+R 
Show / Hide the Batch Rendering window

Panorama Editing

Pano edit.png Launch the Panorama Editor, offering the following editing tools:
Cp mode off.png Activate / deactivate the Control Points Editor
History.png Show / Hide de History window

Geometry Editing

Proj0 mercator.png Proj0 plan.png Proj0 cylindre.png Proj0 sphere.png Change the projection mode Mercator, Planar, Cylindrical or Spherical
Layer mode off.png Layer on.png Activate the Layers Mode allowing you to visualize individual source images within the panorama
Rot180.png Rot90left.png Rot90right.png Rotate the panorama 180°, 90° clockwise and 90° counterclockwise
Yawpitchroll.png Numerical transformation
Fit.png Display all the pixels of the panorama
Crop.png Crop tool, to keep only a selected area of the panorama
Cross center.png Set Center Point: Used to set the panorama’s viewpoint
Level.png Automatic Horizon: used to automatically adjust the panorama’s geometry
Vertical1.png Set Verticals: used to straighten the panorama using lines

Color Correction

Color disabled.png No Color / Exposure correction
Color m1.png Apply a LDR color correction (also called standard correction)
Color hdr.png Apply a HDR color correction
Ancre edit on.png Display the color correction anchors for advanced color corrections
Ancre locked.png Locked anchor type
Ancre oecf.png Transfer Function anchor type
Ancre wb.png White Balance anchor type
Ancre wb oecf.png Transfer Function + White Balance anchor type
Ancre mono oecf.png Mono Transfer Function anchor type
Ancre mono wb.png Mono White Balance anchor type
Ancre mono wb oecf.png Mono Transfer Function + White Balance anchor type
Histogramme.png Levels / Histogram

Control Points Editor

Display on.png Display off.png Views On / Off
Display horizontal.png Display vertical.png Portrait / Landscape layout
Display linked.png Views synchronization
Links optimize.png Optimize the panorama
Ctrl add.png Add Control Points inside the selected areas
Ctrl remove.png Removed the selected control points
Ctrl ga.png Add control points/links using Geometry Analysis
Ctrl cleanbadpoint.png Removes bad control points using a tunable algorithm
Settings.png Control Points Editor Settings