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APP/APG v2.0 Gigapan

Select the images, the number of rows and columns then click on Finish to create the group.

General Tab

  • Images: list of the image files
  • Rows: number of rows in the panorama
  • Columns: number of columns in the panorama
  • Ignore N files: set this option to skip the N first images of the preview. This function is handy as it avoids having to choose again the images and helps in finding the first image.
  • Bracket: Sets the number of brackets per image. This function alters the preview

  • Preview: preview of the shooting sequence
  • Zoom: modify the preview

Options Tab

  • Layout: Indiquates the shooting patern used to capture the images.
    • Columns (default):
    • Rows: downward:
    • Rows: upward: