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Autopano Documentation - Keyboard shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts available when using Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga.

Shortcut Valid in window... Description
CTRL+1 Main Window Show Groups only
CTRL+2 Main Window Show groups and panos
CTRL+3 Main Window Show panos only
CTRL+B Main Window Browse Folder
CTRL+N Main Window Create a new group
CTRL+O Main Window Open a project (.pano)
CTRL+T Main Window Load an Autopano workspace (.apw)
CTRL+U Main Window Open UIStyleSheetEditor
CTRL+SHIFT+T Main Window Save an Autopano workspace (.apw)
CTRL+Render All Main Window Render all the detected panoramas, skipping the render window for each pano.
Your default rendering settings will be used.
F1 Main Window Help
F2 Main Window Detect/Stop all
Shift+F1 Main Window What's This?
CTRL+0 Pano Editor Fit pano on screen
CTRL+1 Pano Editor Zoom 100%
CTRL+2 Pano Editor Fit projection on screen
CTRL+F Pano Editor Hide all Tools
CTRL+S Pano Editor Save open .pano file
CTRL+SHIFT+S Pano Editor Save open pano as .pano file
CTRL+W Pano Editor Close currently opened .pano file
CTRL+Z Pano Editor Undo last (done) change
CTRL+Y Pano Editor Redo last (undone) change
Numpad + Masking Tool Editor Use green marker
Numpad - Masking Tool Editor Use red marker
SHIFT + click Move Images move Allows you to move the panorama along the horizon without shifting the horizon vertically.

Note: All shortcuts using Ctrl can be used on a Mac using Cmd instead.

If you think a shortcut needs to be added, feel free to make it a feature request, specifying a keyboard shortcut that you think would be appropriate.

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