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3rd Autopano Meeting


Join us in Cologne on 11th and 12th July!

What is the Autopano Meeting?

The Autopano Meeting is a week-end of exchanges, conferences and workshops around panoramic photography and creation of virtual tours. The first day is traditionnaly dedicated to a visit and a photo outing in small groups. The second day is dedicated to conferences and workshops. It is the occasion for amateur and professional photographers, may they be Autopano users or not, to talk about their shooting techniques, their hardware and how they use Autopano and other photo software. It is also the occasion to meet the team of Kolor and discuss about the use of Autopano and the future developments.

Who can attend the Autopano Meeting?

This meeting targets current or potential users of Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga software.

Where is the meeting held this year?

This third edition of Autopano Meeting will be held in Germany, in the city of Cologne, the week-end of 11 and 12 July 2009. The meeting place will be the conference room of the Youth Hostel of Cologne-Riehl. Locate on Google Maps.

Which language will be spoken during the meeting?

It is the first time that this meeting is held outside of France, to enable users from other countries to join us. The language spoken at the meeting will therefore be English. A German professional interpreter will be able to help the participants should they need translations in German, Dutch, Spanish or French.

What is the program?

Here is a first draft of the program:


Some users will arrive on Friday. The team of Kolor will arrive on Friday evening. We will meet at a restaurant or a pub.

  • 9am > 9.30am | Welcoming speech of Alexandre Jenny and the team of Kolor.
  • 9.30am > 12am | Photo outing in the city center. Shooting of a gigapixel image with a Merlin motorized panohead driven by Papywizard control software.
  • 2pm > 4pm | Conference : presentation of Autopano 2.0 new features, including : GPU mode, settings, support of panoramic heads, Autopano Tour.
  • 4pm > 5pm | Questions and answers
  • 5pm > 7pm | Autopano workshop
  • 9am > 9.30am | Presentation of Panobook 2010 project
  • 9.30am > 10.30am | Conference : presentation of 3 motorized panoramic heads
  • 10.30am > 11am | Presentation of a customized Merlin head and a DIY Panorobot, by Jo Lutum.
  • 11am > 11.30am | “The composition challenge”, by Karel van Wolferen
  • 11.30am > 12am | Other presentations
  • 2pm > 3pm | Stitching of Saturday’s gigapixel shooting ; how to adjust a gigapixel image in Autopano.
  • 3pm > 6pm | Autopano workshop

What about accommodation and catering?

We do not organize accommodation and catering. A list of hotels is provided on Wikitravel.

How much does it cost?

  • The participation to the meeting is free of charge.
  • Travel costs, accommodation and catering are at the participants' expense.

How to register?

The meeting is full. Registration is now closed.

List of participants

Staff from Kolor

  • Alexandre Jenny
  • Lionel Laissus
  • Renan Coudray
  • Rami Tohme