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APT v1.0 Web publishing

Autopano Tour export options

Depending on the exports settings you chose it is important to remember to copy all necessary resources needed for the flash file to play correctly on the remote web server.

  • If the « Embed all data » option is unchecked: you must copy the subdirectory (and its content) created during the export process and named after the SWF file with the "data" suffix added to it onto the remote web server.
  • If the « Embed all data » option is checked: you must copy the XML file named after the SWF file with a numerical suffix added onto the remote web server.
  • In case some hotspots are linked to simplified HTM pages: you must copy these pages along with all their own external resources onto the remote web server.

If you decide to authorize viewing the tour in full screen mode you must set the right parameters in order to enable this mode. An example is provided among the HTML templates installed along with Autopano Tour.

Standard code for web publishing

To display your virtual tour on your website, you can use this standard code :

<object width="640" height="480"> <embed src="http://www.MY-DOMAIN.com/VIRTUAL-TOUR/MY-TOUR.SWF" width="640" height="480" allowFullScreen="true"> </embed> </object>

  • You need to replace the words written in capital letters by your own parameters.
  • You can also change the display dimensions (in pixels or percentage), by modifying the width and height at both places in the code. If you want your tour to be displayed over the full window space, you can set the width and height to 100%.

Special code to publish a virtual tour on a website while the resource files are on another server

If you need to display a virtual tour on a website and host the resource files on another server or at another place on the same server, you can use the base attribute to define where the resources are, as shown below.

<object width="640" height="480"> <embed src="http://WWW.MY-DOMAIN.COM/VIRTUAL-TOUR/MY-TOUR.SWF" base="http://www.SECOND-DOMAIN.COM/MY-TOUR-DATA/" width="640" height="480" allowFullScreen="true"> </embed> </object>