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Panotour Tutorials - Create a simple virtual tour


This tutorial is intended to show you how to create a very simple virtual tour.

Assets and Requirements

In this tutorial we are providing you with some assets, so that you will be able to recreate exactly the same virtual tour as shown in the tutorial, and properly get your head around the use of Panotour.


To follow this tutorial you will need:

  • To have downloaded the SimpleTourAssets.zip and placed it's contents somewhere on your computer.
  • To have downloaded and installed Panotour Pro (the trial version will work just fine for this tutorial) to have access to the interface presets.


  • Download this SimpleTourAssets.zip folder.
  • Inside the folder, you will find 4 panoramas taken with the Ricoh Theta 360 camera

Creating a simple virtual tour

Step One: Importing the images

  1. Launch Panotour Pro and open an explorer window with the Panoramas in it.
  2. Select them all and drag'n'drop them into Panotour Pro.

Panotour Tutorials - Simple VR 001.gif

Step Two: Preparing the interface

Panotour Tutorials - Simple VR 002.PNG

  1. In the Style tab, go to the bottom left and click on Load a preset.
  2. Select the Ricoh Theta preset.
    • You can discard the Display an Image and Open a Website hotspot styles as we will not be using them in this tutorial, or you can try them out later by creating more point hotspots and assigning those spot styles to your new spots.

Step Three: Placing your hotspots

Back in the Tour tab select each panorama to place the hotspots that will allow you to navigate between each panorama, using the Hotspot Editor.

Panotour Tutorials - Simple VR 003.gif

Step Four: Build the tour

  1. Now you can go to the Build tab, set the destination folder and file name.
    • You can leave all the settings on default, as they will produce a multi-resolution tour including both the HTML5 and Flash players. The tour will switch automatically between the two, detecting the platform you are viewing the tour from.
  2. Click on Build Render icon (or Ctrl+B) then once the build is finished click on View Last Built Tour Start last render icon (or Ctrl+R) to preview your tour in your browser in Panotour's integrated offline webserver.
  3. And you're done! Well done.

See Next: Hosting your tour

Now that you have created a working virtual tour, the next step is uploading all the built tour files (html file + data folder) on to your server.

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