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Panotour - Project File Manager

The Project File Manager allows you to reduce size of exported tour files by deleting obtrusive or unnecessary files.

Ptp2 Project File Manager.png

  • File Menu > Project file manager icon Manage Build Files (Ctrl + Shift + B) to open the Project File Manager.
  • Name and Size Columns: List of all files and folders existing into your Export Folder with their sizes on disk.
  • Statistic:
- Total Size Needed: Size in Mo required for the current project.
- Total Size Not Needed: Size in Mo of files existing into your Export Folder which are unnecessary.
  • Selection:
- Not Needed Files: Click this button to select all unnecessary files. See the warning below.
- Nothing: Click this button to deselect all files.
  • Operation:
- Delete Selected Files: Click this button to delete unnecessary files selected.
  • Refresh: Click this button to refresh the file list;

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