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Panogear FAQ


Pre-sale questions


  • The pack elements which are not necessary for all the users are proposed as options: documentation (available online), tripod, touch control panel, etc. The different elements can also be purchased separately in section: Hardware => Accessories on our webstore: Webstore.

Exchange/Currencies: How much is the pack in US Dollars/ in my currency?

  • We are based in France and we sell in Euros, but you can buy our pack and products wherever you are. For example, if you live in the United States, your bank will debit your account in US dollars and will pay us in euros.
  • Bank commissions may apply in the case of payment by bank card or wire transfer, depending on your bank (generally less than $5). In the case of PayPal payment, there are no commissions.


  • All the elements of our pack are under a 1 year warranty (except batteries: one month) from the date of purchase. The invoice must be presented as “proof of purchase”.

Shipping and delivery

Taxes and Duties

General topics

Bluetooth: My computer does not support the Bluetooth technology; is it possible for me to use the motorized head anyway?

  • If your computer does not support the Bluetooth technology, no worries, a Bluetooth dongle provided will allow you to connect your computer to the motorized head easily.

Nodal Point: Is it possible to adjust the camera to the Nodal Point?

  • The pack allows you to adjust most of the cameras on Nodal Point easily. However you can experience a small gap using a large DSLR.
  • The nodal point issue will depend of the use:
    • If you shoot panoramas including distant objects (more than 5/10 meters in FieldView), nodal point precision is not very important.
    • If you shoot panoramas including floor and/or close objects, nodal point precision is important to avoid parallax errors.
  • The pack include both a L-Bracket, to attach directly the camera to the head, but also an additional rail that allows you to move your camera backward or frontward on the L-bracket to adjust the nodal point, if necessary.

Virtual Tour: Is the Panogear Pack suitable for VR photography?

  • The Panogear Pack allows to shoot 360° panoramas in cylinder mode, but does not allow to shoot the complete sphere (nadir and zenith if you use a large DSLRs). When shooting a virtual tour, you will just have to choose a not too big camera model, and to stitch a logo/patch on the Nadir. The more pictures, the more you will save time and benefit from a greater precision by using a motorized head.

Rows and columns: Is the number of picture rows and columns that I can specify for a session limited

  • The motorized head suffers no limitations in terms of number of rows or columns, you can decide for example to shoot 8 rows x 2 columns or 3 rows x 10 columns.

Time lapse: Is it possible to adjust the “time lapse”?

  • The Panogear pack allows to adjust the "time lapse". Time lapse limit will be 99 seconds if you use the touch control panel and one hour if you use the Bluetooth transmitter with Papywizard.

Continuous shooting mode/ multiple shooting: Is it possible to shoot several pictures at each stop?

  • You can shoot from 1 to 99 pictures at each stop using the touch screen panel.

Control options: What are the different options to control the motorized head?

  • Direct control:
    • Control the head by using the touch screen panel connected to your head. The touch screen panel software only runs on Windows.
  • Remote control by Bluetooth:
    • Control the head by using the Papywizard software and the Bluetooth transmitter from your computer (or any other compatible device: Neo etc.). The Papywizard software is compatible with Windows and Linux. A Mac OS Beta version is available.

Compatibility: I don’t know if the Panogear motorized head is compatible with my material, how should I do?

  • The Panogear motorized head is compatible with most of the DSLRs. To know if your DSLR is compatible, please refer to our table of compatible DSLRs. Table of compatible DSLRs
  • If your DSLR is not in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us to get a confirmation.

XML files: What are the session registered data used for?

  • During each session, an XML file containing session data is created and registered on the touch control panel or computer memory. These data, which can be used directly in Autopano, allow improving stitching quality for an incomparable result, especially in tricky areas (sky as an example). For more information, please have a look to our documentation: Processing the session files (XML) with Autopano. Documentation

Picture number: How is calculated the picture number to cover the area that I have specified?

  • The pre-registered material profiles allow to choose easily and quickly the profile matching with the material you set up on your motorized head in your profiles list at the beginning of each session. The picture number is then automatically calculated depending on the material profile and parameters which have been chosen.

Is it possible to set up several exposure times for a same session ?

  • To choose several exposure times for a same session is not possible. The Panogear motorized head triggers the camera according to a unique exposure time defines before the session begins. The chosen exposure time must then be long enough so that the camera can make its exposure correctly before the head pursues its movement. If you use the mode “Priority Exposure”, you have to adjust this interval of time for the most unfavorable case (the darkest zone of your panorama where the exposure time will be the longest).

The Panogear motorized head

Supported weight: What is the maximum weight that the motorized head can support?

  • The motorized head can support up to 8, 8 pounds.

Precision/ accuracy: What is the precision of the motorized head?

  • Precision of the motorized head is 0, 25 º. However, the precision can vary due to mechanical factors from 0, 4 º to 0, 8 º in the most unfavorable case.

Battery lifetime: How much time can I shoot without recharging?

  • Batteries provided in the pack allow shooting during 10 to 11 hours.

Compatibility: What kinds of cameras are supported by the motorized head?

  • The Panogear motorized head supports DSLRs cameras only. Any other kinds of cameras are not equipped to allow a control of the triggering by cable.
  • The Panogear is compatible with almost all DSLRs. In order to set the nodal point the camera size must not exceed 152 x 114 x 75 mm (5.98 x 4.49 x 2.95″) though, the size of a Canon 5D MKII. You must also check the connector for triggering:
    Included trigger cables are as follows: RS-80N3/RS-60E3 (Canon), MC-30/MC-DC2/MC-DC1 (Nikon), MC-30 (Kodak), CS-205 (Pentax), DMW-RS1/RSL1 (Panasonic), RM-S1AM (Sony), RS-1000S/1000L (Minolta), RM-UC1 (Olympus). these cables fit almost all cameras for wired triggering. Please note that if your camera doesn't have one of this connector you won't be able to use the Panogear.

Compatible lenses: What is the maximum size of the lenses that the Panogear motorized head can support?

  • The Panogear motorized head, very stable, can support easily every kinds of lenses (maximum total weight limit: 8, 8 pounds).

Stability and vibrations: How to choose the stabilization time?

  • In order to obtain a perfect result during your sessions, the Panogear motorized head allows to adjust the stabilization time between each shots. We recommend to adjust the stabilization time depending on the lens dimensions used, the weather conditions and the ground on which you operate.

Power source, batteries and charger

Power supply: what are the possible power supply sources?

  • The motorized head can be powered:
    • From an external power supply source. The external power supply source requires a 12V continued power maximum, within a connecter getting a positive signal on the central broche. We do not provide the necessary connections.

WARNING: A polarity inversion can destroy the head.

WARNING: You must absolutely remove the batteries or any other power supply source before to plug the head to an external power supply source, otherwise: risk of damaging the batteries, risk of damage because of an explosion.

    • By using 8 AA standard batteries
    • By using the two Li-Ion batteries provided in your package.

Batteries: How much time are the batteries under warranty?

  • As a wear part, batteries are under a 30 days warranty, from delivery date.

Batteries : user advice

  • Do not let the batteries not loaded too much time. A regular usage is advised.
  • Keep the batteries away from high temperature or strong temperature differences.
  • Keep the batteries away from humidity.
  • Respect the loading time. Do not load the batteries if no use.

Charger: What is the LED for?

  • The LED is switched off: the charger is not powered.
  • The LED is red: the charger is powered.
  • The LED is green: the batteries are fully loaded and ready to use.

Bluetooth transmitter (no longer sold)

LED: What is the LED for?

  • The LED is switched off: The controller is not powered.
  • The LED is flashing: The controller is powered, but not connected.
  • The LED is immobile: The controller is powered and connected; dialog with your control device is settled (computer, Smartphone etc.)

What is the reach of the Bluetooth connexion?

  • The reach of the Bluetooth connexion is about 100 meters (Class 1).

Interferences: Does the simultaneous use of the module and of another control device cause interference problems?

  • The simultaneous use of the module and of another device, as a camera control software for example, is possible without causing problems.

Touch control panel (no longer sold)

Memory/ Material profiles: What is the maximum profiles number that I can store on the touch control panel memory?

  • The touch control panel memory allows to create as many profiles as you wish to. There is no profiles number limitation.

Papywizard (bluetooth module no longer sold)

Download/ Documentation: Where to download the Papywizard software?

  • You can download the Papywizard software from the Papywizard web site: Papywizard website.
  • You will also find the official documentation, and the user guide.

Compatibility: What are the platforms supported by Papywizard? (07/29/2010)

  • Papywizard is entirely written in Python and, although developed under Linux it runs successfully on:
    • Linux
    • Nokia/Maemo (N800 & N810, on N770: Papywizard version 1.6.1 and older only)
    • Windows (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7)
    • Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion (Intel processors only, Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion not supported).

Installation: How do I install Papywizard?

  • Windows :
    • Just click on the installer, and follow the instructions.
    • Warning: IF your windows username contains special characters like ö,ä,ü then try to use not these standard directories during installation.
  • Linux / Unix :
    • As most distributions come with Python and all needed modules (just install them through your application manager).
    • You can also just install Papywizard with distutils tools: $ python setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local


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