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Autopano Video - Main Interface

The main window is the only interface for Autopano Video, enabling feed of completed work, importing source videos to final output; divided into 4 areas (customizable):

You have now the possibility to choose which window(s) to display within the interface using the Video views menu and window controls in the top left corner of the windows, attach/detach them from the main window interface (Window controls) to move them to a second screen, etc. To sum up, you can completely revamp the organization to match what you want.

View menu

  • Show Input videos
  • Show Realtime preview
  • Show Timeline
  • Show Tools

Click to animate Click to animate
(Click to animate)


The main change is a historical overview of the actions carried out. You can now going back to a previous action very easily.


As a reminder, you still have the possibility to edit your reference panorama using Autopano Pro or Giga to do the corrections. In this case, make sure you selected the stitching mode and not the Authoring mode (Timeline window) or the changes will not take effect in AV. Also, make sure you have at least one timeline that is in a blue state which allows you to apply changes from Autopano Pro or Giga)

Open project icon Open project (.kava)

This icon allows you to load a project previously saved in .kava file format.
An interface has been added to help you relink videos that are missing when opening a kava file.

Save project icon Save project (.kava)

This icon allows you to save the current project in .kava file format.

Undo Redo Undo/Redo and History History overview

Lets you to undo or reset the editing actions.
The History dialogue box views all of the steps carried out since the creation of the project.

Synchronization icon Synchronize your videos

This icon allows you to synchronize your videos using audio or motion.

Stiching icon Stitch your videos

This icon allows you to stitch your videos once synchronized.

Stabilization icon Stabilize your video

This icon allows you to compute stabilization on your videos (if needed).

Color correction icon Make color correction to your video

This icon allows you to make some color corrections to your videos, manually or automatically.

D.WARP icon Compute parallax compensation NEW

This icon allows you to compute parallax compensation to your video by using 2 presets (prioritize space or time)

Blend icon Blending presets

This icon allows you to choose a blending preset, according to your needs.

Stereo icon Stereo mode

This icon allows you to create stereo content.

Render icon Render tool and Batch render icon Batch render tools

These icons allows you to select render options and add each project to the batch renderer (this will allow you to launch all the renderings at a later time if you whish).

Input videos

This section of the interface lets you import videos and displays all source videos imported into Autopano Video.

Input videos

Every video here contains its own playing interface. It is possible to play every video independently, adjust audio volume, etc.
The actions possible in this window do not affect any of the rest of the process.

Importing videos can be done in several ways:

  • From the File/Import Video menu
  • Slide/Drop videos directly into the window

Icon attention.png Important:

  • Importing requires selection of all videos, so it is not possible to import videos one by one.
  • If panoramas are loaded and do not concern the same videos, they will be automatically removed from the Panorama Preview area.

Option available on the bottom of the window are related to all the videos imported there:

  • Update with timeline: if unchecked you can move along the timeline without moving the source. This can be useful on Macs where source seeking can be slow.

Realtime Preview

The video stitching preview shows the result of the stitching made previously in Autopano (Pro or Giga) and to start playing it.
Viewing does not allow 360° navigation and uses the projection defined in Autopano (Pro or Giga).

With the new integrated editor, you can now straitghten the horizon directly in the preview window without the need of Autopano Pro or Giga
and also, change the projection. That being said, we recommend to have Autopano Giga if you need to remove ghosts, add control points to increase the stitching quality (parallax).

Realtime Preview

Buttons available on the bottom of the window are related to all the videos imported there:

  • Edit button: Edit the reference panorama in Autopano Giga (you must own a license)
  • Update with timeline: if unchecked you can move along the timeline without moving realtime preview videos
  • Display cameras Display camera positions (as shown in the screenshot above)
  • Display grid Display a grid to help you straighten the horizon
  • Stitching lines: Display the frontiers between your cameras (as shown in the screenshot above)
  • Resolution scrolling menu: lets you change the resolution of the video displayed
  • Preview in GoPro VR Player Launch GoPro VR Player to let you preview the 360 video you’re working on (also compatible with the Oculus and HTC Vive) NEW
  • In Authoring mode, you can switch to another projection (Spherical to Little planet for instance) and the ratio (2:1 to 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1). See our video tutorial


The timeline is the navigation tool used for most features.
Number values are defined in hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds or in frame.
Cursors are moved using the mouse.


To see the details concerning the timeline : Autopano Video timeline.

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