Why choose Kolor?

1. Because Kolor is the world reference for panoramic imaging solutions.

Kolor was created in 2004, and within a few years became the world reference for image stitching and virtual tour solutions. Its technological progress and its community involvement make it the natural choice for people wishing to enter the field of panoramic photography, virtual tour creation, or any other application that requires image stitching or 3D visualization technologies. With multiple recognition (Young Innovating Enterprise, Cera 2, Alysé, SFR Photo Innovation Award), the Kolor company enjoys technological partnerships with the global information technology market leaders, including Intel and nVidia.

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2. Because you need a robust, reliable and accessible solution.

Because innovation and quality are among the Kolor corporate values, our team is committed to the constant improvement of all the solutions that the company offers, in respect of both hardware and software. And because we want the largest possible number of end-users to be able to benefit from our technology, we ensure that they are accessible from the point of view of both usability and price.

3. Because you expect to receive a quality product and impeccable service.

Our team is very alert to your expectations in terms of quality enhancement of our solutions. The most obvious example is, certainly, the fact that we take into account the ideas that are suggested in our forums and at our annual users' meetings. This means that, in addition to all the internal research and development that we undertake, we do not hesitate to add features suggested by our customers, so that we can reach a final technological product that is easy to work with and that answers your needs. And because you need assistance, we place at your disposal numerous documentary and video resources, as well as a technical service to help you if you run into problems.

4. Because you can rely on the expertise of an international community of users.

Kolor is also one of the largest global user communities for products related to panoramic photography. You will find technical support and discussion forums, a panoramic image gallery, a calendar of events related to panoramic photography… Sign up for free membership of the forums, and you can join in the discussions and information sharing.
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