1. Use a one-click camera or a DSLR

to shoot the whole sphere
NCTech iStar and Ricoh Theta

360° one-click cameras

There is no easier way to take a 360-degree shot: place the one-shot 360-degree camera on its tiny monopod and trigger it from your smartphone. No stitching needed.
360° one-click cameras
Panoramic head Ultimate R1

DSLR solution

Create quality virtual tours by taking photos with a DSLR camera and fisheye lens mounted on a special panoramic head. Stitch your photos in Kolor Autopano software and get a 360-degree photo with is rich in detail.
Panoramic heads for DSLR cameras

2. Create your virtual tour with Kolor Panotour software

available for Windows, Mac and Linux
Logo Panotour


Instantly create virtual tours with hotspots and choose between a set of graphic templates for the navigation buttons. Your tours can be viewed on computers and mobile devices.
Logo Panotour Pro

Panotour Pro

Give maximum customization to your virtual tours. Integrate a Livepano video (add-on), embed sounds and videos, add gigapixel panoramas, maps, floor plans and parallax elements.

3. Publish your tour online or share it offline

Share with the entire world or offline with your clients
Online virtual tour

Publish online

Upload your tour on a server and share it with the entire world. It can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones.
Panotour Pro
Offline virtual tour

Share offline

Thanks to the .PTV format, box your tour into a single file and share it with your clients. They can display it on their computer, tablet or smartphone, offline, using the free Kolor Panotour Viewer (free) app.
Panotour Viewer (free)