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360Live an immersive experience: launch the video, hold the left click of the mouse and navigate at 360 degrees.

Rock concert in Rio © Ayrton360

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Create your own 360-degree videos

With Kolor 360-degree video solutions, it's easy to record, process and publish 360-degree videos.

1. Record multiple video streams

Kolor selected the best equipment to record 360-degree videos with ease. They are based on GoPro fisheye cameras and let you capture the whole 360x180° video scene.
> Discover 360-degree video equipment

2. Stitch the videos together

Use Kolor Autopano Video software to stitch the video streams together and export a single video up to 360x180°.
> Discover Kolor Autopano Video

3. Publish & share your 360-degree videos

With Kolor Eyes video player, it's free to share your 360-degree videos and let everyone interact with them.
> Discover Kolor Eyes for Android
> Discover Kolor Eyes for iPhone & iPad
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Advanced users:
> SDK: integrate 360-degree videos in iOS apps
> Ask Kolor to create a customized iOS app for you
> Kolor Eyes Hosting: host your 360-degree videos on a dedicated platform

In detail: all Kolor 360-degree video solutions


Kolor selected these mounts and bundled them with GoPro cameras and other accessories to offer you complete packages to record quality 360° videos with ease.

Elmo QBiC Panorama

Freedom 360

Freedom 360 Explorer Plus

360Heros H3Pro6

360 Heros H3Pro6N

360 Heros H3Pro7

360 Heros H3Pro7HD

Kolor Abyss

Important: read Kolor's comparison chart about these mounts


Once you have recorded your video streams, sync them automatically and stitch them together with Kolor's new video-stitching software Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro.

Kolor Autopano Video

Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga are required to take full advantage of Autopano Video.

Video tutorial:

Text tutorials:

Documentation of Autopano Video


Kolor Eyes lets you display your 360° videos and interact with them: change the projection on the fly, zoom in and out within the video, turn at 360 degrees and apply visual effects. It is available on several platforms and even as a hosting service.

Kolor Eyes for Android Free!

Kolor Eyes for iOS Free!

Kolor Eyes Windows / Mac Free!

Kolor Eyes SDK for iOS

Kolor Eyes Hosting

or — Ask Kolor to create your app

Kolor can either create a simple iOS app or a very customized app to display your 360 videos.

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