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Panobook 2009 is a beautiful collaborative book, gathering the best panoramic images from Kolor's Autopano Pro software users. 221 professional or amateur photographers gathered around this exceptional common project. The result is 365 panoramic images coming from 58 different countries, published into a 248-page book.

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“The great diversity in the choice of images drags us in a total change of scene.”
Chasseur d'Images Magazine
The Panobook is a compendium of the most beautiful panoramic images produced by a community of professional and amateur photographers from around the world. Stunning sites, unusual places, artistic montages and breathtaking landscapes have inspired the 221 contributors of this book. Bringing together so many people from such different backgrounds and cultures around a common photographic book is a first in the history of photography. This project will be renewed each year. The 365 panoramas regrouped in this book have the distinction of having been created using a stitching technique, i.e. they are composed of several individual images: two, three, four or even several dozens for some of them... This technique developed for several years by the company Kolor through Autopano Pro software, helped popularizing stitching-based panoramic photography. It is no longer necessary to own specific bulky, heavy and expensive hardware to access this photographic format. A simple digital camera is all that is needed. This field is no longer reserved to a handful of specialists. Now, casual amateurs, experienced amateurs as well as professional photographers can appropriate this technique and devote it to their creativity. We address many thanks to all the contributors without whom this book would not have existed. The high quality and the diversity of their photographic contributions make this book a unique object, both in the origin of the images (58 countries represented in the same book) and the aesthetic level of the panoramic photographs that were proposed.

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The 221 contributors

Erratum : the photographer of photo #7 page 135 is Thomas Mognetti. Michel Accary, Kenji Akiyoshi, Robinson Alan, Ayman Aljammaz, Michel Allard, Leung Alvan, Philippe Aubert, Joël Bardin, Nic Barlow, Dominique Bec, Dirk Becker, Xavier Beguet, Frederic Beitz, Markus Bendler, Antoine Berger, Pascal Berlu, Pascal Bernard, Gérard Bernardini, Jean-Marie Biadatti, Gérard Biannic, Cyril Blazy, Bertrand Bodin, Yves Bodson, David Boggs, Fabien Bourdin, Christian Braut, Etienne Busson, S. Buxton, Jean-Pierre Caire, Georges Carrel, Laurent Carte, Marc Chauvière, Jason Cisneros, Paul Compton, Michel Comte, Hionis Con, Guy Cordelier, Gérard Coulon, Andreas Coutas, Chris Cunningham, Khôi-Nguyên Dang-Trung, Remy Dautheville, Jef De Becker, Dominique de Guillebon, Gérard de Wailly, Dmitry Degtyar, Claude Delaire, Philippe Delaplace, François Delauney, James Dery, Francis Desmond, Evaristo Tomas Diaz Fernandez, Andre Dreze, Gilles Dujon, Julien Dutheil, Maciej Dworak, Eric Epoudry, Henri Espié, Klaus Esser, Stéphane Evain, Yves Fauvel, Jan Felber, Emmanuel Fernandez, Bert Forbes, Arnaud Frich, Claude Gailledreau, Vincent Ganaye, Pascal Gautherot, Laurent Gebel de Gebhardt, Pierre Gentil, Murat Germen, Michel Giraudet, Richard Giubbini, Len Goldman, André Goossens, Jacques Gourier, Clive Griffiths, Luc Grillet, Alexandre Guinefort, Thierry Guinet, Peter Gutsche, Wolfgang Hahn, Matt Hardy, Jean-Louis Heitz, Julien Hericher, Michel Hernandez, Yves Hernandez, Michael Hilton, Ralph Hoffmann, Martin Holehouse, Leszek Imielski, Kurt In Albon, Wayne Jacobsen, Alexandre Jenny, Joseph Jensen, Mathis Joshua, Joël Juge, Wilfried Karl, Philippe Keller, Thierry Kergroac'h, Hady Khandani, Prashant Khapane, David Kinrade, Georg Kohr, Pierre Krausbauer, Trond Kristiansen, Martijn Kruijt, Frederick Kuckuck, Gérald Labrunie, Jean-Jacques Lacoudras, Lionel Laissus, Gérard Lalande, Yves Lambert, Laurent Lang, Eric Larcher, Christophe Larquié, Pierre Laugel, Thomas Lauzero, Jean-Pierre Le Corre, Christophe Lecomte, Marie-Hélène Leopold, Michael Lindsay, Chris Livingstone, Duncan Lock, Paul Lopes, Thibaut Loubère, Gérald Lucas, Andrew Lundquist, David Lyons, David Machet, Banthorpe Malcolm, Frédéric Mantegazza, Bruce Martin, Olivier Martinet, Matias Martorell, Matthew Massagli, Fulvio Massini, Kenji Matsushita, Shard Matthew, Olivier Menegol, Daniel Metral, Kezerashvili Mikhail, Thomas Mognetti, Gérard Moine, Damien Molyneux, Peter Morse, Stéphane Morvan, Malcolm Mosher Jr., Pierre Nantais, Julien Narboux, Patrick Nuiry, Greg Panayotou, Lukasz Panek, Ian Parr, Peter Pauer, Grob Peider, Yann Pendaries, Maxime Peregrini, Newman Peter, Magerus Philippe, Walter Pietsch, Matthias Pollmann, Jean-Claude Ponchel, Sylvestre Popinet, Pascal Porzio, Jasper Potts, Christian Praetorius, Mickael Profeta, Guillermo Puig, F Alfredo Rego, Christian Reinhardt, Didier Renvazé, Herve Rhinn, Gerard Rhinn, Jared Ribic, Dominique Richet, Zusman Robert, Jacques Rochet, DuWayne Rocus, Riccardo Rondinone, Andrea Rossi, Francine Roussel, Bernard Rousset, Arno Royant, Alain Saffray, Juraj Salak, Laurent Saleh, Raimund Sauer, Alberto Rot, Pascal Saulay, Christian Saunier, John Sauter, Etienne Sauvagère, Thorsten Schumm, Mark Schuster, Michael Seidel, Fantaguzzi Sergio, Xavier Spertini, Jirman Stan, Reed Steve, Bruno Stiefel, Daniel Tailhardat, Jean-Pierre Tiange, Ronald Tichelaar, Rami Tohme, Anthony Toulze, Brigitte Tranchand, Gilbert Treille, Denis Tremblay, Olivier Tubach, Matthew Turcott, Rob van Kralingen, Zac Vanderschyff, Gabrielle Voinot, Klaus Wagenhäuser, Matthias Wassermann, Christian Watier, William Wertz, Phillip Young, Mark Zbikowski, Elizabeth Zoob, François Zvardon.


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