HD virtual tours bundle selected by Arnaud Frich

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Offer your customers virtual tours of next generation! With the advice of Arnaud Frich, panoramic photography expert, discover the appropriate equipment and software to make your virtual tours creative and different.

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  • With Livepano, merge videos with the still photographic content of your virtual tours to integrate, for instance a restaurant owner greeting his customers, a sales representative speaking about his products.
    1 x Livepano (addon for Panotour Pro 2)   +€179.10
  • Nodal Ninja 4 stand alone panoramic tripod head without rotator
    1 x Nodal Ninja 4 without rotator   +€177.30
    • Part in a series of Nodal Ninja's new top of the line CNC machined advanced rotators. These rotators combine high precision, ease of use, compactness, light weight and durability. The inner ball bearing construction also provides for very fluid rotation.
    • Rotator D3L (RD3L) is a compact precision rotator with EZ-Leveler-II built in. Users can now adjust very fine leveling with loading of heavy gear on top. For RD3L 6-8-30 stops around (60, 45, and 12 degrees)

    • The second generation EZ-Leveler-II will allow you to easily & quickly level your panoramic head thanks to its blue anodized knurled knobs. Note that Rotator D3L has EZ-Leveler-II built in.

    • For use with Nodal Ninja 3 and 4 series pano heads - easy to setup and use. The Nadir adapter allows you to eliminate the tripod in panorama when shooting the nadir (ground shot).

    • The Benro Classic A2580F Tripod provides superior value incoporatating Aluminum Flip Lock Legs and now offers improved performance features to insure rapid setup, quality and strength. Light, robust, and reliable, this tripod is perfect for panoramic photography and virtual tours creation.

    • The BENRO Classic C2580F Tripod incoporatates Carbon Fiber Flip Lock Legs and now offers improved performance features providing the ultimate in strength, lightweight and reliability.

    • The Travel Backpack is the perfect solution for the photographer who wants to carry always with him everything he needs: photographic gear, tripod and personal belongings.
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Product description



Nodal Ninja 4

The panoramic head Nodal Ninja 4 is a spherical head. It has a lower and upper arm for precise measuring of entrance pupil settings. It's perfect for photographing a wide sphere and take a virtual tour, especially when shooting the nadir. Learn more about Nodal Ninja 4

Panotour Pro, virtual tour creation software

I find Panotour Pro easy to use. Its interface is simple and clear. It allows you to create virtual tours from a single panorama, possibly gigapixel, or many images. The interactivity that can be set are very rich and sometimes bluffing.  Discover Panotour Pro version 2



This pack is intended for regular users panoramic heads and wish to lead virtual tours or multi-rows panoramas with body camera and lens combination up to 2 kg while maintaining real stability. The length of the upper arm also allows the use of many lenses and set them to the entrance pupil. About software, I recommend Autopano Giga and Panotour Pro.

To whom this bundle is intented for?

This hardware and software bundle represents the basic tools for any professional photographer who regularly make virtual tours or shoot panoramas. The software allows you to do whatever you want with images.

What kind of camera and lens can we use?

Almost all body cameras can fit except medium-format cameras and too heavy lenses (300f2, 8 for instance).

Work sample with Nodal Ninja 4 | © Arnaud Frich

Which rotator do you prefer? Why?

If you use many lenses you have to choose the rotator RD-16 because it allows you to change the number of steps very easily without having to strip down your equipment. It is then more expensive, heavier but much more convenient.

Do we have to add some accessories?

Very handy, the EZ Leveler can rapidly set the panoramic head perfectly vertical. However, even though I recognize its practical aspect, I do not think that the nadir adapter is necessary because the vertical arm can be turned very easily.

Arnaud Frich's global opinion

My favourite panoramic head intended for light body camera / lens combination (less than 1500 grs) to make virtual tours. Practical, light, well finished and well designed. Nice product!


About Arnaud...

Professional photographer and author, Arnaud Frich made ​​panoramic photography his specialty. Seduced at a young age by the charm of this format, he shares his passion for photography through various training courses, books, articles and internet website "The guide to panoramic photography". Arnaud Frich, a famous name in the field of panoramic photography in France, is at the origin of one of the largest panoramic image in the world: Paris 26 Gigapixels


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Nodal Ninja 4

1045 g (2.3lbs)
Height 255mm (10")
Lenght 200mm (7 3/4")
Material Anodized/Painted Aluminium

Rotator R-D16

Mounting threads
3/8 inch