Kolor Panogear - Motorized panoramic head + Panoshoot Module

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The first complete and professional solution which allows to achieve automatic shooting sessions of tens, hundreds, thousands pictures simply and easily, in order to create high resolution panoramic pictures up to several gigapixels.

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Kolor Panogear motorized head

Kolor Panogear with Panoshoot moduleThis project, inspired by the community, is under construction since a few years now. It is concretized today with the creation of the first complete and professional solution which allows to achieve automatic shooting sessions of tens, hundreds, thousands pictures simply and easily, in order to create high resolution panoramic pictures up to several gigapixels.

Stable and robust

Thanks to its sharp one-piece design and powerful engine, Panogear is able to support up to 4 kg of load (9.7 lbs). Its threaded base of 3/8" ensures maximum stability in all situations. For most difficult conditions, setting the time period of stabilization will prevent any possible vibration. Your panoramic views will benefit from an incomparable sharpness.

Remote control

Control Panogear remotely with the help of the Panoshoot module. Practical, the remote control prevents you from disturbing your shootings whenever you want to change a setting. It also offers you new perspectives, such as to make shootings on a telescopic mast.

Ready to shoot

Install your DSLR on the Panogear, connect them together using the incuded trigger cable and start your shooting within couple of minutes. With the simple and intuitive interface of Panoshoot, you are able to start with a few clicks.

Stitching quality

Behind the apparent simplicity of Panogear hides an innovation that ensures the stitching quality of your panoramic images. Accurate to the quarter degree, Panogear can also automatically save the files describing your shots (XML file).


Based on an astronomical mount, the Panogear is precise and allows to shoot gigapixel panoramas thanks to a 0,25 degrees reading precision.


The Panogear is compatible with almost all DSLRs. Please check our compatibility chart: List of compatible cameras . Canon 5D MKIII is not compatible in terms of body size, you won’t be able to set the nodal point.

Panoshoot module


Module sans fil Panoshoot pour la tête panoramique motorisée Kolor PanogearPanoshoot is the universally compatible Wi-Fi remote control solution for Kolor’s Panogear. Wireless controlled panoheads typically offer short ranges and fast battery drain. With Panoshoot, the control options are diversified to offer a variety of platform interfaces and distance options to photographers. This wireless controller for the Panogear motorized panoramic tripod head has HTML5 compatible internet capability that extends control distance by utilizing online connectivity. The Panoshoot is a wireless module controller with a fully integrated web server that enables Wi-Fi control through a browser based application.

Main features

• Unified wireless control solution for Panogear. Universally Compatible with most smartphones and tablets
• Full HTML5 web user interface
• Integrated joystick for quick, easy adjustments, and the operation of Panogear without any external device
• Simple user interface with integrated voice operation. Just says the commands or type them directly
• Individually configurable camera profiles, advanced timings, picpoints (Panoshoot points definition) and several runner modes: mosaic, presets
• Full open API interface to expand capabilities. Support json, cors, ajax. Easy to create new features with TML5/CSS /javascript technologies
• Exports session in XML format supported by Autopano
• Full Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with WPA and WPA2 wireless security support


No longer are panoramic photographers tethered to their rigs while on location because Panoshoot is expanding the freedom of wireless control. More than a point-to-point wireless device, Panoshoot brings together the advantages of Wi-Fi and mobile internet control.


Panoshoot goes beyond offering a single wireless mode for controlling your Panogear by including joystick control, voice control and compatibility with most tablets and smartphones.


This diversified remote-control enables landscape and virtual-tour photographers to choose from a variety of interface options that can streamline equipment set-up and allow you to spend more time capturing spectacular panoramic photographs.

Universally compatible

Universally compatible so you can operate your Panogear from your Android smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Kindle, PC or laptop

Voice command

Simple user interface with integrated voice operation. Just says the commands or type them directly.

Runner Modes

Runner mode allows you to set multiple parameters for the camera settings like bracketing, stabilization pause, mirror lock-up. There are 8 different runners for each camera lens combination

Avec un iPhone ou un autre smartphone compatible, vous pouvez contrôler votre tête panoramique motorisée Panogear à l'aide du module PanoshootSince the Panoshoot is controlled via an HTML5/JavaScript format, all modern mobile communication devices like Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Blackberrys are usable as platforms for remote control. However, it is still possible to use a simple PC or laptop to control your panohead via modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Safari and Opera. Each Panoshoot is fully customizable to the needs of each photographer through chic and simple user interface. Whether you need a fully automated solution for spherical panoramas or a simple wireless control system to pan your camera and Panogear to capture an amazing landscape the Panoshoot accomplishes the task with ease.

Panoshoot is designed with user friendliness in mind. It has a simple firmware upgrade protocol and a joystick that allows you to control the Panogear without the need of any external devices.

Panoshoot was also designed the future in mind. Overtime, we will develop plug-ins for advanced features that will redefine and expand the uses of Panogear. The Panoshoot has an internal playground that allows advanced users to create their own plugins to accommodate those unique tasks or to simply create a personalized feature because you can through our 3rd Party Plugin API system.

The primary advantages of the Panoshoot are the result of its diversified options that give photographers the advantage of adapting their control on location and with no equipment changes. Voice control is available for times when adjustments are needed but your hands are full. Joystick control is available for fine tuning when establishing your rig. Or you can simply shoot as you always have with your laptop nearby because the Panoshoot's greatest advantage is its adaptability to the needs of the photographer. Use it to orchestrate your ideal shooting configuration without having to conform to limitations of a less dynamic interface.

Which panoramic motorized head is right for me? Kolor Panogear or Gigapan Epic Pro ?

  1. The Panogear allows you to shoot a 360° spherical Panorama where as the Epic Pro does not, the tilt range is -65°/+90° to avoid that the lens bumps into the head.
  2. You can control the Panogear using the Wi-Fi remote control (smartphone, tablette, pc) Panoshoot module. The Epic Pro has an embedded computer. It is very practical as it doesn't require a laptop to be used. Once set, the embedded computer will control the entire shooting sequence
  3. Both, Panogear and Epic Pro are composed of a single non-detachable unit offering a good compromise between size / stability / weight to make gigapixel shots.
  4. Have a look at Epic Pro's features.


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Download Specifications

Weight: 2.3 kg

Dimension: 28 x 21 x 12 cm

Material: Aluminum Cast

Base: A 3/8" threaded base

Rotation: 360°rotation on two bases, no restrictions

Maximum speed (x800), a complete 360° rotation is done in only 50s, the engine's speed is 6000rpm

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Maximum recommended weight load: 4.4 kg

Lenses < 200 mm

Note: Even if a product is not recommended for your camera body, it does not mean that it is not compatible. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.