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March 26, 2015: « Graffiti » by Noa Neal, the 1st immersive music video on YouTube (powered by Intel and Kolor)
August 7, 2014: Kolor & NCTech partner to offer a one-click solution to capture and create quality virtual tours
February 25, 2014: Mobile World Congress 2014: Kolor & Finwe launch Kolor Eyes for Android, free 360 video player
February 6, 2014: Kolor announces the release of Panotour and Panotour Pro 2.0, virtual tour creation software
January 31, 2014: Get ready for the panoramic photography contest: Kolor Panobook 2014
January 10, 2014: CES 2014: Kolor launches a free 360-degree video player compatible with Oculus Rift
January 9, 2014: CES 2014: Kolor announces live 360-degree video stitching & streaming
January 7, 2014: CES 2014: Kolor & Finwe announce a new, free 360-degree video player for Android

Previous press releases

December 2, 2013: The Kolor Panobook 2013 is available
October 31, 2013: Kolor & Finwe announce strategic partnership to offer better 360-degree video solutions on mobile
October 3, 2013: Kolor launches a public beta of virtual tour software Panotour & Panotour Pro 2.0
September 18, 2013: For the first time ever, live the Coupe Icare in 360-degree video
February 12, 2013: Lyon 77 Gigapixels, the largest image in France
December 6, 2012: Kolor launches version 3 of image-stitching software Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga
September 22, 2012: Kolor and Seitz partner to enhance the compatibility of their panoramic photography solutions
September 18, 2012: Kolor Store: the new e-store for panoramic photography, virtual tour creation and 360-degree videos
18 Septembre 2012: Kolor and GigaPan partner to deliver complete gigapixel photography solutions
August 22, 2012: Kolor launches Kolor Eyes, the world's first 360° video player based on HTML5 for web browsers and iPad®
May 18, 2012: Launch of Cannes 65 Gigapixels, the largest photo of France
April 11, 2012: Kolor launches Neutralhazer, A filter for Photoshop® which removes the haze in photos.
March 22, 2011: Kolor unveils a 360° HTML5 video player, compatible with Firefox 4.
Feb 21, 2011: Kolor launches its new range of panoramic and virtual tour software.
Photokina 2010: Kolor announces new virtual tour software Panotour.
Photokina 2010: Kolor announces version 2.5 of panorama software Autopano.
Photokina 2010: Kolor announces Panogear, a motorized head to create gigapixel images.
May 18, 2010: Paris 26 Gigapixels: The general public in favor of "gigapixel" imagery
March 15, 2010: Paris 26 Gigapixels: A spectacular dive in the world’s largest image

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