Panotour Viewer

Share and watch your tours offline, on computers and mobile devices.
Offline virtual tour
Panotour Viewer lets you open .PTV files in an internet brower, offline. PTV files are generated from Panotour virtual tour software and contain, in a single file, a whole virtual tour. With Panotour Viewer, it’s easy to display your tours on any computer, tablet or mobile phone with no need of an internet connection.You can also easily share your virtual tours with your clients or friends.
Download (FREE)
Download Panotour Viewer for Windows & Mac to begin viewing and sharing your tours offline.
Download (FREE)
Open any virtual tour in .PTV format stored on your Android device, with no need of an internet connection.
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iPhone / iPad
Forget third-party file management apps. Panotour Viewer instantly opens your tours in Safari.
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Here you can download free examples of .ptv files and try it in Panotour Viewer.
Saturn Building Panotour Viewer Example
Saturn Building
Download .ptv (FREE)


To create the virtual tours compatible with Panotour Viewer, you need Panotour or Panotour Pro software in version 2.2 minimum.


Windows 32/64bits

Microsoft Windows 8, 7


Apple Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion on an Intel-based Mac only.

Android app available at Google Play
Available on the App Store

Minimal Configuration (desktop)

1 Ghz
Minimal recommended RAM amount.
1024 x 768
Minimum display resolution.
Recent browser

Recommended Configuration (desktop)

2 Ghz
Multi-core processor.
4GB of RAM are recommended. More RAM increases performances.
1920 x 1080
A full HD display resolution is suitable. A modern graphic card with dedicated memory.
Recent browser


Panotour Viewer is very easy and has a comprehensive documentation
See documentation