1. Shoot your photos

handheld or with a panoramic head
Shooting a panorama handheld


If you are shooting landscape panoramas and only need to take a few photos, just shoot hand-held: your photos will be correctly stitched together in Kolor Autopano software.
Panoramic head (Gobi)

Manual panoramic head

Ensure the best quality for your panorama: use a manual panoramic head to adjust the non-parallax point and guarantee enough overlap between the shots.
Motorized panoramic head Epic Pro

Motorized panoramic head

Create giant images (up to several hundreds of gigapixels) by programming a motorized head that will automatically trigger your camera to shoot hundreds or thousands of photos.

2. Stitch your photos automatically

with Autopano software, available for Windows, Mac and Linux
Logo Autopano Pro
Logo Autopano Giga

Autopano Pro

In a few seconds, Autopano Pro automatically stitches your photos together, corrects the color and exposure differences and corrects moving objects. You can easily straighten up your panorama and render it in .JPG or .PSD with embedded layers.

Autopano Giga

Choose Autopano Giga if you would like to go further in the fine tuning of your stitching: adjust the HDR settings and choose what you want to keep or remove in the overlapping zones. It also supports professional motorized heads.

3. Print your panoramas or make them interactive

with Kolor Panotour Pro software
Print your panoramas


Create fine-art prints of your panoramas thanks to the great resolution you get when stitching photos together.
Autopano Gallery
Online virtual tour

Panotour Pro

Your 360° and gigapixel panoramas are best viewed online: let anyone move and zoom in to the very details of your images by making them interactive with Panotour Pro software for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Create virtual tours