Features of Autopano Pro

The best image stitching technology in the world included in Autopano ProThe best image stitching technology in the world

Behind Autopano Pro's simplicity and ease of use lurks a stitching engine based on advanced algorithms. The image stitching technology (SIFT) included in Autopano Pro was developed as part of a research project at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). It has been mathematically proven to be the best technology in the world at recognizing similarities between images.

Analysis and automatic classification of a batch of images in Autopano ProAnalysis and automatic classification of a batch of images

Do you have a folder or a memory card full of photos? Launch detection on all images; Autopano Pro groups together only those images that make up panoramas and ignores all irrelevant images. No need to specify the order of images in each view: Autopano Pro will find them by itself. The detection power of Autopano Pro is much better than the human eye, so the software can find relationships that you might have missed visually.

Auto correction of moving objects in Autopano Pro panorama softwareAuto correction of moving objects

During shooting, it often happens that people or objects move. In this case, a typical blend of images creates ghosting (transparent artifacts) in the overlap zone. Autopano Pro includes an anti-ghost blender applicable even on gigapixel images. A world first.

Manual editor of control points of Autopano ProManual editor of control points

For difficult image stitchings, Autopano Pro previously offered a control points editor to force the software to add links in user-defined areas. Version 3.5 goes further by allowing point-by-point manual addition of links between adjacent images. There is no reason to miss a stitching, however complex.

RAW Support Enhanced

Autopano Pro supports over 400 input file formats, including the RAW output from almost all cameras.

Multidirectional detection

The shooting of landscape panoramas may take place along one or more lines, one or more columns, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, macro, telephoto, leaning ... all on a tripod or even freehand.

Support of fisheye lenses

Autopano Pro can assemble images taken with a fisheye lens. You can create 360 x 180° panoramas with a minimum of images.

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