Features of Autopano Pro

Support for motorized panoramic heads in Autopano ProSupport for motorized panoramic heads

Autopano Pro supports motorized panoramic heads, including Panogear, Gigapan, Merlin / Orion. This module allows you to import images and logs from your motorized panoramic head sessions; the assembly is faster and more reliable, even for panoramas composed of hundreds or thousands of images.

Creation of qualified image layers in Autopano ProCreation of qualified image layers Enhanced

In the panorama editor, you can classify the different images that make up your panorama according to several different criteria: aperture, bracket, speed, focal distance... You can also classify them according to your own criteria. Sounds interesting? You will be able to create layers according to the chosen criterion and thus to separate the parts of the panorama to export them individually and provide greater editing freedom.

Send your images from Picasa Autopano Pro

Autopano Pro comes with a plugin for Picasa that you can install at the same time as the installation of Autopano Pro. This plugin lets you export a group of images from Picasa to Autopano Pro. The modifications you may have done in this app on your photos are automatically conserved during the export process.

Automation in Autopano ProWith automation, it's a cinch

You can enable all the automation features of Autopano Pro: automatic detection, automatic color correction, automatic color histogram, auto-cropping, and even automatic rendering, saving the project file and automatically closing the program! It is a huge time saver, especially if you have dozens or hundreds of panoramas to be created.


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