Features of Autopano Pro

Automatic color and exposure correction in Autopano ProAutomatic color and exposure correction

Autopano is the only image stitching software to perfectly resolve the color and exposure equation. Joins between adjacent images are flawless, both in color balance and in exposure. Make your shots as you see fit, even in automatic mode: the software will take care to match your images. Even better: you can choose a reference image that will give its color temperature the others, and even adjust the color and exposure correction image by image.

Exposure fusion in Autopano ProAutomatic exposure fusion

Exposure fusion allows the blending of bracketed images, keeping the best colors for each exposure. This increases the color dynamics and creates a balanced panorama, very close to reality. Example: If you photograph a room from inside, the window giving to the outside may appear completely white, completely overexposed, or conversely, the interior may be dark but the exterior will be visible. Exposure fusion of multiple photos allows you to keep both interior and exterior colors, to get a balanced and natural image, closer to what you see with the naked eye.

Generating HDR images with Autopano ProGenerating HDR images

Not to be confused with the concept of exposure fusion, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) output also augments the color dynamic range from bracketed images, but in a color space not viewable on standard screens. HDR export is useful for post-treatment in a dedicated software program. Autopano Pro has two HDR export formats: .hdr and .exr. If you only need to maintain the best color for each exposure for display on screen or print, opt for exposure fusion function.

Stitching Geometry  

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