Panogear: technical specifications

Dimension and weight

Panogear is light enough to carry it easily anywhere

Panogear panoramic motorized head: dimensions

Height: 28 cm (11")
Width: 21 cm (8.3")
Depth: 12 cm (4.7")

Weight: 2,2 kg (4.8 lbs)

• Protective Cover: Aluminum Cast, Plastic Covers.
• Single Arm
• Base: A 3/8" threaded base
• Rotation: 360°rotation on two bases, no restrictions.
• 30mm space between the vertical rotational axle and the L-bracket side (ø60 maxi)

Speed and accuracy

Shoot hundreds of images in a record time while keeping a good precision

Reading precision: 0.25 degrees
Applicable mechanical tolerance: from 0,15 degrees to 0,55 degrees

Maximum speed (x800), a complete 360° rotation is done in only 50s, the engine's speed is 6000rpm.

Power supply

Panogear is shipped with a charger and rechargeable batteries that can operate up to 11 hours.

Panogear can be connected on choice to a 12V external power supply, either 8 AA standard batteries or 2 rechargeable batteries Li-Ion SB-LSM 160, 7,4V, for an autonomy up to 11h. Batteries and universal charger (outlet, lighter and and adapter) included.


Panogear compatibility: trigger cable

Li-Ion SB-LSM 160
Amperage : 1600mAh
Power : 7,4V.
Charge time : 4h-4h15
Autonomy : 10-11h/ 2500-3000 movements


AC input : 90V-250V 50/60Hz
DC input : 12V Car plug
DC output : 4.2-8.4V 800mA (max)
USB output : 5V 1000mA(max)
Outlet, adapter and lighter

Mounting options

You can mount your camera in portrait or landscape mode

Straight rail (portait mode & deepness adjustment)

• Weight: 150g. Size: 190x44x15mm.
• Nodal Distance: 30 -150 mm.
• Camera screw : ¼"x 21 mm.
• Rail screw for L-bracket: ¼"x 25 mm.
• Rail nut for L-bracket: ¼".
• Bushing for L-bracket: dia. 19/10 x 7 mm.

L-bracket (landscape mode)

• Weight: 220g. Size: 135x108x45mm.


Panogear connectionsAn RJ-11 labeled HC which connects the original controller
An RJ-11 labeled AUX which connects the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver or the touch control panel
Snap : a snap jack
IN : to connect a 12V DC power supply.
OUT : to connect a 12V DC to an external device.


Plug your camera to the head with one of the included trigger cables to enable the automatic shooting

Panogear compatibility: trigger cable


Designed to support telescopes in astronomy, Panogear can bear a weight up to 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs).

Panogear is shipped with a set of 7 trigger cables to cover nearly all DSLR cameras.

> List of the compatible cameras


Autopano: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Papywizard: Windows, Mac OS (Mac OS Lion not supported), Linux
Panorama: Windows


The Panogear carries a one-year limited warantee, which covers all the pack elements except the batteries and according to the terms of warranty and safety. For further information, please have a look at the FAQ or contact us.

The Panogear also comes with free technical support including: community forum, documentation, direct support, and video tutorials coming soon.

In the box

> Panogear panoramic motorized head
> Straight rail
> L-bracket
> Power supply Kit: included batteries + charger
> Assortment of trigger cables

Included software

The software are provided as downloadable application. The pack includes:

> Papywizard (the app driving the Kolor Panogear head via bluetooth)
> Panorama (the app for the optional touch control panel)

Options & accessories

Panoshoot wifi controller for Panogear
Autopano Giga - image stitching software
Panotour Pro - professional virtual tour software

Panoshoot Wifi module
Control your Panogear from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga
Image-stitching software to automatically assemble your photos. Both include a special import module for motorized panoramic heads.
Panotour Pro
Professional virtual tour software to animate your gigapixel panoramas and embed photos, videos, sounds, Google Maps...

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