Panogear: the comprehensive and versatile motorized head

Panogear automates your shootings and allows you to design entirely new photo projects.

Discover in here the features provided in the Panogear motorized head and its Papywizard software. Remote controlled, precise and versatile: Panogear will allow you to make automatic shootings and to access to new photographic possibilities. Designed to shoot gigapixel images, Panogear will also allow you to automate the creation of time-lapse, bracketing and all kinds of shootings.

What to do What to do with Panogear?

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Create gigapixels panoramic views with PanogearCreate gigapixels panoramic views

Carry out shooting of dozens, hundreds or thousands of photos in a simple and accurate way to create panoramic images of high resolution up to several gigapixels. Once your images are stitched together, you will enjoy an incomparable level of detail for your prints, your website, to capture a piece of art, or simply just for fun. Panotour Pro: our software for creating virtual tours offers the ability to add sounds, videos, text and even 360° integrated virtual tours to your gigapixel panoramas and to publish the entire project on the internet.
> Example: a gigapixel view of a stadium during a Red Bull motocross competition (also read the photographer's interview)

Creation of time-lapse

Easily perform time-lapse in high-resolution panoramic format with the built-in timer of the provided Papywizard software. You can set a delay before your shooting begins, a number of repetitions and even a time interval between each repetition.

Perfect exposure with bracketing

If your device supports the bracket mode, the option of multiple triggers of Panogear allows you to program as many triggers as you like at each break to easily create multi-exposure panoramas. Our image-stitching software Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga enables the exposure fusion combining together the bracketed images. Keep the best colors of each exposure to create even more realistic panoramas.

Drive Panogear remotely via Bluetooth®With the remote control everything is allowed

Control Panogear remotely with the help of the Papywizard application and the provided Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. Practical, the remote control prevents you from disturbing your shootings whenever you want to change a setting. It also offers you new perspectives, such as to make shootings on a telescopic mast. The Bluetooth connection of Panogear has a range up to 100 meters. A wire touch controller is also available.

Creation of virtual tours

With Panogear, you can automate all kinds of shots, including in the perspective of producing virtual tours. But beware: this is not the first use of this motorized head and you should take into account some limitations:

- The nodal point is not guaranteed for all camera / lens setups. This, however, has little impact on the stitching quality, unless you shoot very close objects;

- It is not possible to shoot the nadir (bottom image) and / or the zenith (top image) with some camera / lens setups.

There are still big advantages: the ability to create virtual tours of very high resolution thanks to a shooting of several tens or hundreds of images with a long focal length, where a standard configuration (a DSLR + a fisheye lens) would give a quality virtual tour but limited in terms of zoom.

Accessibility Accessibility & mobility

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A fast workflow optimized from A to ZA fast workflow optimized from A to Z

Save in advance your hardware profiles and your shooting templates for a high-speed positioning in the field. Thanks to its powerful engine, the Panogear allows a full 360° rotation in 50 seconds. Papywizard, the application which drives the Panogear head, automatically calculates the necessary movements to reach each position and the total number of photos to be taken to cover the specified area. After the shooting, you can retreive the session file for an even faster and more reliable image stitching sparing you many hours to correct any stitching errors.

Get started in the twinkling of an eye with Panogear and Papywizard softwareGet started in the twinkling of an eye

Install your DSLR on the Panogear, connect them together using the incuded trigger cable and start your shooting within couple of minutes. With the simple and intuitive interface of Papywizard, you are able to start with a few clicks. Once your images are retrieved, you can stitch them together with Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga software and add interesting content (audio, video, text, virtual tours...) with Panotour Pro; no programming knowledge is required.

Panogear follows you everywherePanogear follows you everywhere

Only 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs), 28 cm in height (11 in), 21 cm in width (8.3 in) and 12 cm deep (4.7 in), are the dimensions that make Panogear one of the few, easy to carry motorized heads. Panogear fits into your backpack to accompany you wherever you go.

Settings Advanced settings

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Definition of the shooting areaDefinition of the shooting area

The shooting zone is defined by adjusting the positions of the start and end, by indicating the corners of the panorama, the number of photos or the entire field you want to photograph. Once your shooting zone is defined Papywizard automatically gives you an estimation of the size of your final panorama in pixels. Calculation of movements and photos to be taken is made ​​based on four main parameters which are: minimum overlap rate, device orientation, size, ratio and resolution of your sensor and the focal length.

Creating shooting templatesCreating shooting templates

Papywizard includes several default shooting templates for rapid use in the field. For more advanced users (this requires some programming skills), Papywizard allows to create new shooting scenarios in the form of an XML file format and save them. The scenarios describe various shooting positions, the start position of the head and possibly the limits to avoid any collisions.

Edit EXIF information

Edit your data by adding your comments or GPS information, and if you like, convert it into a reusable template later (requires programming knowledge).

Create hardware profiles

With the autonomous touch-screen option of Panogear, you can save your hardware profiles in custom templates. Once on the ground, you just have to choose a profile in your list and start shooting.

Shooting in portrait or landscape mode

With the brackets provided with Panogear, install your device in portrait or landscape mode as desired. Panogear applications are able to consider the orientation of your device.

Support for fisheye lenses

Panogear applications and our Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga stitching software include full support for fisheye lenses.

Specifying the shooting order

From left to right, from top to bottom, choose the order in which you wish your shooting to be done to avoid unnecessary movements or simply choose according to your preference.

Adjusting the exposure time

For some devices, set directly from the Papywizard interface the length of exposure.

Autres fonctions Other features

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Real-time monitoring with PapywizardReal-time monitoring

The Papywizard shooting window displays in real time the position of Panogear and the status of your shooting. Pause the sequence to adjust your camera or wait for the best time to take a picture, use the step-by-step method, re-shoot a missing picture; nothing is much easier.

Panogear is stable and robustStable and robust

Thanks to its sharp one-piece design and powerful engine, Panogear is able to support up to 4 kg of load (9.7 lbs). Its threaded base of 3/8" ensures maximum stability in all situations. For most difficult conditions, setting the time period of stabilization will prevent any possible vibration. Your panoramic views will benefit from an incomparable sharpness.

Guaranteed stitching quality in Autopano Pro and Autopano GigaGuaranteed stitching quality

Behind the apparent simplicity of Panogear hides an innovation that ensures the stitching quality of your panoramic images. Accurate to the quarter degree, Panogear can also automatically save the files describing your shots (XML file). Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga, our image-stitching software includes a specific import module which can read these files for a faster and more reliable stitching. Even areas which are normally difficult to assemble, like for example the sky or the ground are easily stitched: the assembly is therefore guaranteed.

Watch the Panogear video How to create a gigapixel panorama

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