Application fields

HD shooting, « Gigapixels » :

It is the first characteristic of the Panogear. Make quickly and easily shootings of tens, hundreds or thousands of photos to create high resolution panoramic images up to several Gigapixels. The automatization of the shooting ensures increased precision and stability, reducing the time needed, including for the after-treatment. Once the images stitched, you will enjoy an unmatched zoom, for your printings, your website, to immortalize a work of art in its tiniest details, or just because you like it...

Creation of virtual tour

Make your own high resolution virtual tours with the Panogear. The bigger the number of photos, the more important are the gains in terms of time and precision. The Panograr pack allows to make 360° shootings in cylindrical projection mode. While using a motorized panoramic head for making a virtual tour, it is advisable to avoid the shootings including objects that are too close in the field of view which may cause parallax errors.

The safety watch

Use the Panogear to do several identical high resolution shootings on regular intervals. Observe thus the evolutions between each shooting in its tiniest details (use possible thanks to an external power supply of 12 V).

Scientific observation

Some top scientific teams achieved "time lapse" in order to watch the fauna and flora under the magnifying glass. Designed to allow the achievement of specific scientific developments and the adding of new functions, the Panogear is the tool you need to let your imagination carry you away.

And many others application fields...

Zoom on...

Zoom on the treatment of the XML files with Autopano

Papywizard plugin dans Autopano Pro et Autopano Giga
The Autopano software is equipped with an import plug-in specific to the Panogear, allowing to recover an XML file saved during your sessions. Thanks to this file, our stitching software is able, among others, to detect the exact position of each one of your images.

The stitching quality is thus increased. The areas which are too similar, where the creation of control points is problematic because of a lack of details (sky, buildings) are no longer a problem. The photos which are usually difficult to stitch are put into the right order easily; the stitch is guaranteed.

Zoom on the wireless control

Papywizard configuration
The Bluetooth transmitter/ receiver allows to control the Panogear wireless from your computer or from your Smartphone (Nokia, Neo, etc.) with the help of the Papywizard software. This freeware is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

The wireless control will allow you to use the head easily, even in a difficult situation:in a crowded place, on an uneven ground, when using a telescopic mast etc. You have many options: set the stabilization time, the overlapping, the number of shots at each break, choose portrait or landscape mode.

Papywizard - Prise de vue

Papywizard includes, among others, real time session watching, pause, backward, repeat or step by step functions.

Papywizard - Mode mosaïque

The preset mode allows to save scenarios for a quick use on the ground and for an optimization of the movements of the motorized head.

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Zoom on the touch control panel (option)

The touch control panel «Plug&Play» allows to control the Panogear directly from the touch screen of your control panel connected to your motorized head. Light and mobile, it fits into your pocket for more mobility on the ground.

With a wide flash memory, it allows you to save the material templates into a customized profile (focal length, sensor size, type of lens, portrait or landscape mode etc.) at choice. Choose a profile from your list, specify the shooting area, the control panel calculates automatically the number of photos and movements to be done for a result of optimal precision.

You will have access to many possible adjustments:

  • Shooting mode: portrait and landscape
  • Shooting type: spherical, cylindrical, mosaic
  • Horizon level
  • Shooting field
  • Stabilization time
  • Number of shots at each break
  • Overlapping

Software supplied compatible with Windows only.

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