Smartly Removes Haze

Use the Neutralhazer filter in Photoshop® to effectively remove haze in your landscape photos and panoramas.


Hover the following images to see the difference before and after Kolor Neutralhazer.
Without Neutralhazer
With Neutralhazer

Neutralhazer detects the depth of each pixel and removes the haze

The great strength of Neutralhazer is that it detects the air thickness of each pixel which allows you to define the background and foreground areas: reveal the background in this way, without altering the foreground.


A recurring phenomenon
Haze is an atmospheric phenomenon that appears in most landscape photos; it reduces the visibility and can thus overshadow some interesting parts of the background: mountains, trees, or simply the sky. Haze can spoil most pictures and landscape panoramas. The Neutralhazer plugin effectively allows you to remove the haze and adjust the intensity of correction. It thus restores the landscape with all its clarity.

Autopano Pro + Neutralhazer

A good duo
Autopano Pro is the image stitching software application developed by Kolor. Within a few years it has become the leading software in the world for creating panoramic images by automatically assembling as few as 2, to tens, hundreds or thousands of photos. To create landscape panoramas and remove their haze, use the duo of Autopano Pro + Neutralhazer.

Go even further

With the depth map
Neutralhazer detects the depth of different parts of your photos. It also allows you to:

  • View the depth map to accurately adjust the areas of background and foreground.
  • export the depth map for direct use in Photoshop (useful to use it as a mask).
In the example below, Kolor Neutralhazer was used to easily cutout and separate the foreground (grass with pond), the middle ground and the background (sky). Then, the three images was exported in png format to make a parallax effect on a web page:
Example powered by jQuery Parallax


Kolor Neutralhazer is a plugin to be added to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements software.
To be able to use Neutralhazer, you need to have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements already installed on your computer. Neutralhazer is compatible with the following versions:

Version of Photoshop

Windows Mac
Photoshop CS3
Photoshop CS4
Photoshop CS5
Photoshop CS6 *
Photoshop CC *

Version of Photoshop Elements

Windows Mac
Photoshop Elements 8
Photoshop Elements 9
Photoshop Elements 10
Photoshop Elements 11 * **
Photoshop Elements 12 * **
Photoshop Elements 13 * **

XnView (free) compatibility

Linux Windows Mac
XnView v2.25
* For this version, a manual install on Windows might be necessary.
** For this version, a manual install on Mac might be necessary.
Magazine Image et Nature mai 2012
Image et Nature
Neutralhazer, un filtre très convaincant permettant de réveiller efficacement certaines images « embrumées »

Help and Support


Explore the complete Neutralhazer documentation.

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