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About Neutralhazer

Which versions of Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe Photoshop Elements are compatible?

Kolor Neutralhazer is a plugin to be added to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements software. To be able to use Neutralhazer, you need to have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements already installed on your computer. Neutralhazer is compatible with the following versions:

  Version of Neutralhazer
Version of Photoshop® Windows Mac
CS3 Yes No
CS4 Yes Yes
CS5 Yes Yes
CS6 Oui * Oui
CC Oui *
Version of Photoshop® Elements Windows Mac
8 Yes Yes
9 Yes Yes
10 Yes Yes
11 Oui *
Oui *
12 Oui *
Oui *
13 Oui *
Oui *

* For this version, a manual install might be necessary.

Neutralhazer is not compatible with the version of Photoshop Elements Editor available through the Mac App Store.

Which graphics formats are supported in input?

Neutralhazer does not directly handle files, but images located in a Photoshop layer. Not all the formats supported by Photoshop are compatibles. If an image format is not recognized, the module is inaccessible (access to the Kolor/Neutralhazer filter menu is grayed out and unavailable to be clicked). Only images conforming to the RGB color range are supported. All 3 layers (R, G and B) must be selected. Neutralhazer supports images with a color resolution of 8, 16 or 32 bits.

What is the maximum image size that can be processed?

Attention: Neutralhazer is not designed to process very big images (several hundreds of megapixels). Neutralhazer analyzes the quantity of haze in each pixel: the processing can therefore take several seconds for large photos. Processing of large images requires a very large amount of memory. For this purpose, the use of 64-bit systems and software is recommended. 32-bit systems and software will enable you to process images of a limited size. If the amount of memory required for processing with Neutralhazer exceeds the available RAM memory, then the system uses its virtual memory. This leads to repeated accesses on the hard disk and slowing of the process.

Can Neutralhazer process 360° spherical images?

Yes, but as for now there is no balancing between the left border and the right border of the image, therefore a difference can be visilble if you choose to create a virtual tour from the 360° spherical panorama.

Are there limitations with regard to the detection of the haze deepness?

To detect the haze, Neutralhazer measures the quantity of white light in the different parts of the image. If an object or a person in the foreground is particularly light or white, Neutralhazer may detect a large amount of haze in this zone. Neutralhazer might therefore consider this zone as a background element and apply the correction you will have chosen for the background.

Where can I find the documentation of Neutralhazer?

You can find the user manual of Neutralhazer in the Technical Support Center.

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